#Dua For Remove Depression – Islam Peace Of Heart

Dua For Overcome Depression Depression In this modern period, lots of people are worried about their life, education, jobs, married purpose, family problems, children problems, relation problems, financial problems, and much more. They much think and they fall into depression. Depression is the common cause of death. Depression decreases your positive energy, your confidence level, […]

#Benefits Of Haft Haikal – Islam Peace Of Heart

Haft Haikal Haft Haikal, In fact, This Dua is the collection of different surahs of the Quran. That arrange in seven separate parts called Haft Haikal. Haikal called such a fortification. By which man protect from external attacks and disasters. Such are the Haft Haikal. The reciter will always be under the protection of Allah […]