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#Benefits Of Musabat Ashar – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Musabat Ashar

Musabat Ashar is the word of Allah SWT and Musabat Ashar has lots of benefits and virtues. Many Islamic Preachers and scholars recited Musabat Ashar.

His words are uttered by all the saints in the chain of Qadiriya and Chishti. Most of the other saints series have also been in the habit.

Musabat Ashar is very beneficial for the pilgrimage of the Holy Prophet PBUH. Musabat Ashar is very effective for religion and for the world. Its blessing is uncountable. Ahl-e-Allah has been enriched by their own talents. This Dua is the habit of Auliya Allah.

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Whoever recites Musabat Ashar. His love will increase for the Holy Prophet PBUH. He will obey the Holy Prophet PBUH. He will see the Holy Prophet PBUH in his dream.

Whoever recites Musabat Ashar. All the problems will solve in this world and of religion. He will be safe from the devil and enemies. He will be safe from all the mischief of the envious. His wealth will increase. He will be safe from trouble. He will go to paradise and he will see his place in paradise before his death.

Whoever recites Musabat Ashar after the fajr prayer. His whole day will pass easily. His all work will be done. He will be blessed. Whoever recites Musabat Ashar after the Isha prayer will be safe from the devil.

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