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Dua For Death Phobia


Death Phobia means “Fear Of Death”. It is not any disease but it is the fear that is very dangerous for our health. Death is obligatory for each living thing. Allah SWT has told in Quran. Every living thing has tasted death. So, It is an obligation that every person has to taste death. Most people are scared of death. They ruin their life peace and their rest.

They think every time about death for thinking this. They also ruin their present and the future. It is not good for your health. Allah SWT told us that do something for ourselves and make our future. The future is not in this world, But our future is Life After Death. Our future is in heaven Inshallah. So, Allah SWT gives us the chance to make struggle and do something to go to paradise. We should be scared of death and also of Allah SWT to be safe from sins. But it is not good to think about death every time. Here is some Dua which will help you to make your future better and reduce the fear of death. Read More: Life After Death


Ablution is the very best cure for decreasing the fear of death or death phobia. It is very beneficial for health it reduces the level of negative thoughts. If anyone makes an ablution every time and will sleep in Ablution. So, Allah SWT will reward him, and His internal and external beauty will increase. But it also helps to be free from Death Phobia. So, My brothers and sisters if you are facing the issue of death phobia. Make a habit to perform Ablution and spend your life in Ablution it has many benefits in this world and after death. When any person performs Ablution all negative thinking will transfer to positive thinking. Ablution has many benefits also health. Read more: Benefits Of Ablution

Quran Pak:

The Quran is the Holy Book for Muslims. It was revealed in our beloved Prophet PBUH. The Quran has many benefits if the person has a Death Phobia. So, He should make a habit to recite Quran Pak with translation. Because if someone recites Quran with Translation his fear of death will be reduced he will pay attention in his life. Allah SWT will reward him and his all sins will be forgiven. Quran Pak has many benefits but if someone recites it properly and understands will be free from Death Phobia. So start reciting the Quran with translation and make your future better. Read More: Benefits Of Reciting the Quran

Chaasht Prayer:

It is the morning prayer or Chasht Prayer. It can be recited in the morning when the sun arise. It will very beneficial for the cure of depression and also decrease the level of Death Phobia. Are you facing the issue of Death Phobia? So, Must perform the Chaasht Prayer it is very powerful and beneficial. If someone recites the Chaasht Prayer all the fear of death will go. His depression will be over, His wealth will increase. Chaasht Prayer has many benefits if you recite this prayer you will get lots of benefits from this Prayer. Read More: Benefits Of 5 Times Prayer


These Dua are very beneficial for removing the death phobia. I also recite these Dua because I also face these problems. These Dua are my personal Dua that I am sharing with you. Because this is my pleasure to share with you some Dua that will help you to cure death phobia. Death Phobia is a type of depression and you have to start your life happy. So don’t think too much trust only on Allah SWT.

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