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benefits of surah dukhan the smoke islam peace of heart 2472

#Benefits Of Surah Dukhan (The Smoke) – Islam Peace Of Heart

Surah Dukhan (The Smoke) It is narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah said: Whoever recites Haamen Surah Dukhan at the night will do so in the morning. Seventy thousand angels will ask for forgiveness for him. It is narrated on the authority of Abu …

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benefits of surah al fatiha the opening islam peace of heart 2377

#Benefits Of Surah Al-Fatiha (The Opening) – Islam Peace Of Heart

Surah Al-Fatiha Surah Al-Fatiha is the opening of the Quran. It is obligatory to recite Surah Fatiha in each prayer. It is very beneficial for every work because Allah SWT has kept every cure in the Surah Fatiha. Here I will tell you some benefits of Surah Fatiha that you …

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benefits of surah maryam the mary islam peace of heart 2370

#Benefits Of Surah Maryam (The Mary) – Islam Peace Of Heart

Surah Maryam Today I will tell you the most powerful Wazifa of Surah Maryam and some benefits of Surah Maryam. What benefit you will get when you recite Surah Maryam do you want to know? So, Here I will tell you some powerful benefits of Surah Maryam. When you recite …

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benefits of manzil in quran islam peace of heart 1412


BENEFITS OF MANZIL IN THE QURAN Manzil is the collection of Quran Verse. Most people recite this Manzil in their daily life. It is most powerful for every purpose and to be safe from the evil eye. It has lots of benefits. These are as follows: Manzil is the most …

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benefits of nad e ali islam peace of heart 1243


NAD-E-ALI According to various narrations, On the occasion of the battle of Tabuk, the gift of Nad-e-Ali was given by Jibreel to the Prophet (peace be upon him). If a person is in trouble, he should recite “Nad-E-Ali”  21 times daily. Inshallah, His Problems will be solved soon. If a …

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benefits of astaghfirullah islam peace of heart 926

#Benefits Of Astaghfirullah – Islam Peace Of Heart

Astaghfar If anyone recites Astaghfirullah every time his all sins will forgive. Whoever recites Astaghfirullah every time his all wish will be fulfilled. Whoever recites Astaghfirullah his respect will increase. Whoever recites Astaghfirullah 1000 times his problem will be solved. Whoever recites Astaghfirullah his interest in religion will increase. Whoever …

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quran hadis ijma and qiyas islam peace of heart 814

#Quran Hadis ijma and Qiyas – Islam Peace Of Heart

Quran, Hadis, ljma & Qiyas The Holy Quran provides fundamental laws in respect of beliefs, prayer morality, finances as well as political setup of society. As regards beliefs and morality, the laws provided by the Holy Quran are complete, final, and exhaustive for all times to come. For the financial …

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