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Introduction Of Tauz

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Tauz means “I seek refuge”. I seek refuge in Allah SWT. This is a refuge for me from what I fear, a refuge for me. The one who repels from me is as if the servant seeks refuge in Allah so that Allah may protect him from the evil of Satan. “Tauz” means healing through the Qur’an. “Istaazaa” means Some people have stated to take precautions. The words of Mary’s mother are narrated by Allah SWT: I give this Mary and her descendants Jesus to protect you from the accursed Satan. Shaitan is made of Shatan. Shatan means long moving rope and being far away. Satan is far from good and has long been active within shirk. To say that man is a devil means to have human actions like the devil. Every evil thing resembles the devil. Arabic proverb says his face is like the face of the devil and his head is like the head of the devil. Allah SWT said: Its blossoms are like the heads of devils. This is what is meant by Satan in the verses. Some people say that devils are ugly snakes. Also called horse neck hair. It is also said that the devil is a famous weed. “Rajeem” means Marjoom which means the one who is cursed by Allah SWT. Allah cast him away from His presence because of disobedience and prostration, The angels struck him with their spears and threw him down from the sky to the earth, Then the embers of the stars are also killed, Till the Day of Resurrection, the embers of the stars will continue to fall on him and his particles.
Satan is far from Allah SWT, Away from every good, Far from heaven, close to hell. Allah has commanded His Messenger and his companions to seek refuge from Satan. So that they can get away from Hell and close to Heaven and look at the face of the punishing King. As if Allah says, my servant! Satan is far from me and you are close to me, so protect your condition well, So that the devil’s way may be found by you. By paying dues and avoiding prohibitions, O God, accept the destiny that is going on in your life, property, family, and all creatures. If the servant persists in these things and adheres to them, he will always be bound by them, If he always clings to the throat, he is saved. Satan’s temptations and whispers, From the dangers of the soul and from the torments and pressures of the grave, from the severity and horror of the Hour, With the torment of Hell and the tail, such a servant will be near Allah with the Prophets, the righteous and the martyrs. And these people will be with him, He will always walk in the blessings of Allah in every situation. Allah said: “You will not have control over my special servants”. ( Surah Al-Hijr 42). When the servant is a sign of devotion to Allah, then the weak, the lowly, and the lowly devil will not dominate him. Nor will he be able to subdue her in solitude, Satan will not be able to control his heart through sin when he intends to do something. Nor on his limbs that they should be killed and destroyed by disobedience. Rather, he will hear the unseen call in such a time that we help those who give up their desires and walk on the path of truth in the same way. The angels of higher knowledge quarrel with each other over the matter of this servant and in the world of angels he is called an elder. Allah is on the Throne in a state of being with His ancient word which at the time of recitation the reader has been saved from the satire of every devil.
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Allah says proudly of the above-mentioned servant. That We may repel evil and indecency from him. Surely he is one of Our chosen servants. This is because the servant fears Allah inwardly and inwardly. Therefore, it is very important to reject the devil and run away from his invitation. So his fear has come from Allah. Allah said: Satan is your enemy. You call him an enemy. He only calls his group so that they become hell. He has led astray many creatures. Do you not understand that following Satan is the root of all misfortune and calamity? And in opposition to Satan, there is happiness, comfort, guidance, and eternal paradise.

Benefits Of Tauz:

There are five benefits to reciting “Tauz”.
  1. Perseverance in religion and guidance.
  2. Protection from the evil and suffering of the rejected devil.
  3. The strong fortress of Allah’s protection and entry into the near place.
  4. Access to the place of peace with Prophet Siddique and martyrs.
  5. Owners of the earth seek the help of heaven.
It has been mentioned in previous books that when the accursed Satan addressed Allah he said: I will sigh in front of your servants from behind and from left to right, Allah said: I swear by my honor that I will order them to seek refuge in you from your abduction. When they ask me for asylum, I will protect them from the right side. By way of instruction, I will protect my gifts from the back with care and from the front With your help. O people, your delusion will not harm them. Has come in some hadiths.
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The Messenger of Allah said: Whoever seeks refuge in Allah once, Allah protects him throughout the day, He also said that seek refuge in Allah and move the door of sins and open the door of blessing by reciting Bismillah. It is said that Iblis sends 360 armies daily to mislead the believer, When a believer seeks refuge in Allah, Allah looks at his heart 360 times. Every time he looks, an army of Satan is killed. Seeking refuge in Allah from Satan is what Satan fears and fears. It is a ray of light in the heart of the knower. Even if you are not one of the people of knowledge, then represent them like the pious ones so that you may be promoted to the level of the people of knowledge. At that time the light of your heart will break the power of Satan, Will defeat his army, His head will destroy the vegetable, His army will be uprooted and you will be safe. Sometimes it will happen that you will be made the guardian of your brothers and followers. As stated in the absolute hadith of Umar ibn al-Khattab. The Messenger of Allah said: O Umar! The devil runs away from your shadow in the valley where Umar runs. He leaves the valley and walks into another valley. It has also been narrated in a weak tradition that the devil gets upset when he sees the Umar. When Satan sees that the servant hates him with truth, And if he opposes the medicine, then he is disappointed by it. He leaves and engages in kidnapping others.
Yes, sometimes he comes to her secretly, The servant must be faithful to the truth, Beware of the devil’s coming and deceiving because the hole of the devil coming is narrow. His enmity is real and ancient, just as blood runs in the veins, so the devil also runs inside the flesh and flesh of man. It is narrated that Abu Huraira used to say after he got old. O, Allah! I seek refuge in You from adultery and murder. Someone said, “Do you still fear it?” He said how can I not fear the devil is alive? Kalimah Ikhlas and remembrance of God is the best weapon to fight the devil and obey him. The Messenger of Allah has narrated the Divine Word, “La Ilaha Ilallah” Is my fortress, whoever digs this Kalimah will enter my fortress. And whoever enters my fortress will be safe from My torment. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: Whoever recites “La Ilaha Ilallah” For the sake of sincerity and “Ikhlas” then will enter heaven. Satan is the source of torment, When the servant says the word “Tawheed” and the word “Kalimah” He wears the garment of the forbidden, and when the devil sees him clothed, he goes away. He does not dare to come near and the way the soldier is protected by the shield of the enemy. In the same way, the servant escapes the temptation of Satan.

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