Surah Al-Hashr (The Exile)

Surah Hashr is the Surah of the Quran in which the names Allah SWT are frequently described. This Surah is great because of its virtues. It’s very effective for any valid wish.

If any person has any valid wish then he should recite 4 rak’ah nafl in every rak’ah recite Surah Al-Hashr after Surah Al-Fatiha and continue it for 11 days Inshallah, his valid wishes will be fulfilled by the grace of Allah SWT.

“Whoever makes a habit to recite this Surah his all sins will be forgiven”. If someone recites it 21 times for 40 days and prays for the late person Allah SWT will forgive him.

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“Whoever recites this Surah for 11 days for any particular purpose Inshallah, his purpose will be solved and if there is a difficult task it will be easy and his wealth will increase”. “Whoever recites this Surah 41 times for 41 days he will be Mustaja-Bidawat it means that his all valid wishes will be fulfilled and all the purposes of his heart will be fulfilled”. The last 3 verses of Surah Hashr are very effective for healing from disease because they included the Names Of Allah SWT and it is also very effective for valid wishes Therefore, it will be recited for any disease healing will be obtained by the grace of Allah SWT but It is obligatory to pay Zakat of these verses Otherwise the process will be incomplete. This is the order to pay Zakat.

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Make the intention of I’tikaaf to keep fasting for 11 days, during fasting recite these verses. On the 12th day get out from I’tikaf and feed food to 21 people’s your Zakat is completed. Whoever recites this Surah 3000 times for any purpose Inshallah, his purpose will be fulfilled. The process is valid and reciting this Surah 100 times after paying Zakat is the condition but don’t skip any day if you skip you have to pay Zakat again. It is the condition to avoid things don’t eat anything without a meal or bread.

Abu Umama narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: Whoever recites the last verses of Surah Al-Hashr in the day or night If he dies on the same day, he will surely enter Paradise because of the Surah Al-Hashr.