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Hijab In Islam


The word “Women” means “Something to hide”. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said that a woman is a thing to be hidden. When she comes out, the devil looks at her. I mean, looking at a woman is evil work.

Wearing Hijab is obligatory for every Muslimah in Islam. Because Allah SWT orders in Quran that hijab is obligatory to wear. It is narrated by Bibi Ayesha Siddiqa, “We women were in ihram with the Messenger of Allah in Hajj. When men on horseback passed in front of us, we would hang our sheets over our heads and cover our faces. Then when those men moved forward, we would open our faces.”

Islam has given respect to women first and foremost and made them a source of honor and pride in society. What a sign of discrimination against Muslim women, Islam calls it “hijab”. The hijab is described in the Qur’an as a long shawl, Which Ullama has called the “Burqa (Abaya)”

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In the early days of Islam, some Muslim women complained to the Prophet, That there is no difference in the dress of these women and other women due to which they are often ridiculed. At that time, Umar Al Khattab was also present in the court of Prophethood. He advised Muslim women to cover their faces. Along with the Messenger of Allah, Allah also liked this advice due to which these verses were revealed in the Qur’an.


O, Muhammad! Ask your wife and daughters and Muslim women This is a more appropriate way to cover your upper sheets so that they are recognizable and not annoying. (33:59)

Benefits Of Wearing a Hijab:

Hijab is the crown of a woman’s chastity.
Wearing Hijab will increase the beauty of the face.
Hijab is the source of Honor.
The woman’s gift is in the Hijab.
It will increase the Moral.
Hijab is the dress of Modesty in Islam.
If the women wear hijab it will be the source of forgiveness.
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If any Muslimah wear hijab Allah SWT will reward him and remove his all sins.

Hijab is the commitment to Allah SWT.
Hijab will make you strong.
Hijab will protect you from evil eyes.
Wearing a hijab brings the reward of a martyr.
Hijab is an act of obedience to the creator.
An act of honor of dignity.
Act of belief of faith.
An act of modesty.
An act or freshness.
 Hijab will increase honor.
When strangers look at you he will honor you.

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