Daily Muslim Prayers

Our Holy Prophet PBUH teaches us to perform daily prayers. In Islam, it is obligatory on Muslims to perform their prayers. So, Here are some prayers that a Muslim should perform in his daily life routine. It will remove our sins and rewards us.

5 Times Prayer:

Muslims should perform 5 times daily in their life. Because it is obligatory for each Muslim to perform 5 times prayers. It will remove our sins. It will be near Allah SWT. It will increase our beauty. It will increase our rewards. Also, it will maintain our health and mental problems. So, Perform 5 times Prayers daily.

Recite Quran Pak:

Muslims should make a habit to recite Quran Pak in their daily life. Because Quran Pak will solve our daily life problems. Also, it will protect us from making sins. It is the light in the grave. So, Muslims should recite Quran Pak daily 1 Para if they can not recite 1 Para. So, Recite Half Para daily. If he can not recite Half Para. So, Recite at least 1 Page daily. It is very beneficial.

Recite Ya-Hayyu Ya-Qayom:

Muslims should recite at least 1 Tasbeeh of Ya-Hayyu Ya-Qayom daily. It is very beneficial to recite 1 Tasbeeh of Ya-Hayyu Ya-Qayom after any Prayer. Inshallah, His all mental problems will be solved.

Recite Durood Pak:

Muslims should recite 1000 times Durood Pak after Esha Prayer. It is very beneficial to recite Durood Pak daily. Because if someone recites Durood Pak on the day of the judgment the Holy Prophet PBUH will intercede with him. Allah SWT will forgive his all sins and keep protecting him from all external attacks.

Recite Astaghfar:

Muslims should make a habit to recite Astaghfar 100 times daily. Because it is the source of forgiveness. His all wishes will be fulfilled. If anyone recites Astaghfaar. So must recite Astghfaar in your daily life routine.


These are the daily prayers every Muslim must follow these Prayers and make a place in Jannah. If you cannot recite much. So, Recite at least 1 Tasbeeh of each Dua. Inshallah, Allah SWT will reward you and remove your all sins.


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