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Dua Before Sleeping

It is obligatory to recite Some Dua before sleeping. Because we don’t know what will happen when we sleep. So, every Muslim should recite some dua inshallah he will be safe from sudden death, the devil’s whisper, robbery, and all external attacks.

These Dua are very powerful. If someone recites this dua before sleeping. Inshallah, His whole night will spend in prayer. Allah SWT will reward him for the prayer of the whole night. So, my dear brothers and sisters make a habit to recite this dua before sleeping. Here are dua everyone should recite:

Recite Sleeping Dua:

“Allahuma Bismeka WA Amwatu WA Ahye

Recite Surah Fatiha 4 times it will reward you for paying 4000 dinars Sadaqah.

Recite Surah Ikhlas 3 Times it will reward you for Reciting  Quran.

Recite 3 Times Durood Ibrahim it will pay the cost of Jannah.

Recite 4 Times Kalima Tamjeed it will reward you for performing Hajj.


Recite Bismillah 21 Times it will keep safe you from sudden death.

Finally, recite Ayat-Ul-Kursi 3 Times it will keep you safe and your neighbors from robbery, sudden death, and external attacks.


These Dua are very powerful and beneficial everyone should make a habit to perform this Dua and make a place in Jannah. Because Whoever recites this Dua Allah SWT will reward him for the whole night’s prayer.

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