Benefits Of Ya-Wahabo – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Ya-Wahab Ya-Wahabo means OH Most Giver”. It is the most beautiful name of Allah SWT for increasing wealth. Ya-Wahabo is the most powerful Wazifa for wealth. It works instantly if anyone recites this name with the core of their heart Allah SWT will open the source of wealth for him. If anyone is worried about … Read more

#99 NAMES OF ALLAH Part 7-Islam Peace Of Heart

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Asmaul-Husna YA-MU’TI During borrow Dua reciting this name YA-MU’TIS-SA’ILEEN your Dua will be accepted he will become rich. He will be free from creations. His habit will become Generosity. He will become Generous. YA-MANI’U If a person Whose wife is disobedient at bedtime recites this name 100 times Love will be created in the heart … Read more

#99 NAMES OF ALLAH Part 4-Islam Peace Of Heart

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Asma-Ul-Husna  YA-WASIU This name is very effective for patience and wealth to recite this name after the Asar prayer 100 times. If a person wants to grow his business So he should gather some people after Friday prayers and recite this name 31250 times and continue reciting it till four Fridays Inshallah with the blessing … Read more

#99 NAMES OF ALLAH Part 3-Islam Peace Of Heart

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Asma-Ul-Husna  YA-LATEEFU If this name is recited 100 times the intention of the heart will be fulfilled. This is the very best Wazifa, especially for unmarried girls, recite it continuously for 21 days after the isha prayer recite it 3 times any Darood Pak before and after. the frequent recitation of this name will fulfill … Read more

#99 Names Of Allah Part 1-Islam Peace Of Heart

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Asma-Ul-Husna  YA-ALLAH  Whoever recites this name Ya Allah Ya Hoo 1000 times without missing any days will be attracted to the remembrance of Allah and all the doubts will be removed from his heart. If the patient is incurable he will recover. Reciting this name 100 times before Friday prayers will make things easier for … Read more