If this name is recited 100 times the intention of the heart will be fulfilled. This is the very best Wazifa, especially for unmarried girls, recite it continuously for 21 days after the isha prayer recite it 3 times any Darood Pak before and after. the frequent recitation of this name will fulfill your all wishes, Difficulties will be eased, and elegance and sophistication will be created in your mood.


Whoever recites it for 7 days mysteries will be revealed it. The believer’s intellect will be rewarded. he will be free from self-evil. If someone is in trouble, he will get rid of it. if you want to know about anything in your dreams recite this name 816 times at bedtime Inshallah whatever you think will be known.


If a person wants to progress in his farming write the name YA-HALEEM on paper and Dissolved in water Sprinkle water on the fields and gardens. if the kids are immoral then recite this name 8800 times on the water and feed it to kids inshallah kids immoral will be turned into moral ones.


If a person recites this name 120 times after every prayer he will be rewarded with honor, wealth, health, saving from disasters, and healing from all diseases, and for one week recite this name WALLAH-ZULFAZLUL-AZEEM Inshallah, in the eyes of every one he will be respectable. Grace will be obtained. If you have financial problems, it will be easier.


If someone is sick, write this name with saffron on paper for 3 days soon he becomes healthy,  If someone has a fever, write it 7 times with ink on paper and Put it in the patient’s throat it will heal. If someone has a language barrier write Astaghfar with YA-GHAFOOR  blow on water and feed it to the patient. the recitation of Astaghfar is very effective for death on faith, wealth, children, and business. if someone recites this name 7 times and blows on water Sprinkle the garden plants The trees will be full of fruits.

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If there is less light in the eye so recite this name 41 times and blow on water and applied on the eyes Then the sight will be fine. if someone falls in sadness or hardship in financial recite it 41 times after fajr prayer for 21 days he will succeed. recite it 2004 times after every prayer he will become mustajab adawat.


This name is very effective for increasing respect, To make the baby strong soon, To return safely from the journey, for increases wealth, Also, for other purposes, make an amulet and put it around your neck for 11 days after every prayer recite it as much as you can. if the man who wants to obey his wife recites it 1100 times for 40 days his wife becomes obeys him.


Whoever always recites it  232 times after each prayer he will be safe from every enemy. Every calamity will be far from it. If a poisonous animal bites, the poison will not work. Trouble and humiliation will end. he Will remain in the same position in the office. people will obey them and give them respect.


Whoever recites this name frequently He made an amulet and put it around his neck Then the whole life will be fearless. Whether he was among the beasts or fell into the fire. Even the ghosts will not be affected. He will always be at peace in Allah SWT. Wealth will not be lost and he will be safe from accidents.


If someone is fasting And if he cannot bear fasting write this name on the soil and smell it then he will gain the power of food. whoever recites it on water and drinks it The intensity of thirst will disappear during the journey. recite it 550 times and blow on the water to feed stubborn children inshallah kids will leave stubborn.


Whoever recites YA-HASEEB 70 times at bedtime So the enmity of enemies, fear of thieves, Evil of the neighbor, All these goals will be achieved in 7 days. This Wazifa will start on Friday night during this HASBUNALLAHU WA NAIMAL WAKEEL recite it with Getting up, sitting, and walking will get rid of your every problem.

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Whoever recites YA-JALIL frequently after each prayer his awe will be created in the hearts of the people. If you make an amulet and put it around your neck So he will be respected in the hearts of the people. At the Wedding, night recites it 1100 times and blows on food to feed his wife so that love will be created between husband and wife. their future life will be at peace.


This name is very effective for honor and respect. This is very effective while sleeping. If someone has any wish, he should recite this name 1100 times for 40 days your wish will be fulfilled.


This name’s recitation is especially for the protection of pregnant women, and the protection of wealth, and children. He will also be safe from the dangers of enemies and thieves. If a person recites this name 111 times during traveling and blows on water if it is sprinkled on the walls of your house, then the house will be safe until you return to it.


Whoever recites this Or put his amulet around his neck Then the lost thing will be found back If there is a risk of miscarriage so the woman kept her hands on her stomach and recites it 7 times for 7 days inshallah baby will be safe. If it is recited 7 times on the back of the passenger, he will be safe during the journey. Reciting this name frequently is a way to get rid of imprisonment. This name is also used to bring an angry wife back from her family.


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