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#99 Names Of Allah Part 1-Islam Peace Of Heart



Whoever recite this name Ya Allah Ya Hoo 1000 times without missing any days he will be attracted to the remembrance of Allah and all the doubts will be removed from his heart. If the patient is incurable he will recover. Reciting this name 100 times before Friday prayers it will make things easier for you. If a person makes it a habit to recite this name 100 times after each prayer he will become a Sahib Kashf within while period.
Whoever recite this name YA-REHMAN 100 times daily in a day he will be safe from all the evils of this world. if someone write with ink or a saffron and buried it in the house of an enemy or a villain, he will become nobility respected and gentleness. If a person wants to find best proposer he should recite YA-REHMAN 3125 times for 40 days he will get a suitable proposer.
For Conquering of the hearts the recitation of YA-RAHEEM is very best. for avoiding any enemy or any fear recite this name Allah will protect you from your enemy. If AR REHMAN AR RAHEEM write on paper and buried in the field or garden your fruits will increase. For finding true love this process is well-tested . Whoever recite it 500 times daily in a day he will be get rid from worldly troubles.
The recitation of YA-MALIKU in daily life will cleanse your heart and light will be created in his heart. For wealth and richness purpose recite this name 2100 times after Fajr prayers it will increases your honor, wealth and status. If it is recited with YA-MALIK YA KUDUS, you will become the property owner.
If a person YA-SUBUH YA-KUDUS writes on the piece of bread or meal and eats it then his heart will become interested in worship. In addition it is a special name of honor. If someone recite it 90 times Allah will enlighten his heart. If someone recite it 1000 times he will be free from creation. Recite this name while traveling will protect you from fatigue and depression. If someone recite this name 319 times and blow on something and feed it someone he will become your friend.
Whoever recite this name 1000 times after Fajr prayer he will become knowledgeable. If someone recite it 141 times and blow it on the patient, the patient will be healed. Whoever recite this name his fear will remove and Allah will become the source of his both worlds. Reciting this name in case of conflict will bring peace.
For increases reality and unseen , wealth , safety from devil It is the best reward to live in the shelter of Allah . If it is written and put in a hat, then whoever he meets will be pleased with him. In order to prevent the husband from immorality, recite it 6000 times for 21 days her husband’s attitude will be correct.
Whoever recites YA-MUHAIMIN light will create in his reality and spirituality. if someone recite 2 rak’a nafil and recite it 100 times so he will be safe from the calamities of this world. For reciting it on the journey will help the traveler to reach his destination safely.
If someone recite this name 4100 times for 40 days after fajr prayer Allah will rewarded him with lots of blessings he will be no need anyone and he will always be respected in the heart of others and everyone will be dominated.
To get rid of the oppressor and the enemy after recitation of musba’at ashar recite this name 226 times in the morning and evening Allah will get rid his enemies and Allah will rewarded him with respect, honor and wealth, He will be honorable in this world. This name is very effective for stopping the war of black magic for stopping the effects of black magic recite it 11500 times for 11 days it will get rid of black magic.
This name is very effective for childless women . When you go to your wife, recite this name 10 times. Inshallah, good child will be born. Whoever recite it daily 660 times Blessings will be created in everything he does.
Whoever recite this name 313 times at mid-night Allah will cleanse his heart make his heart lightly and his face will glow the viewer will fall in love with him.
Whoever recite it daily 7 times after 5 times prayer  Inshallah, he will be safe from the grave torment hope so also his body will be safe.
For childless women she should keep fast for 7 days in iftar time recite 21 times YA-MUSAVIR  blow on water and drink it in iftar inshallah good baby will be born.
Whoever recite this name 100 times after friday prayer he will be listed in acceptable peoples , his trouble will be end , There will be innumerable provisions. If the name YA-GHAFFAR recited with the IGHFIRLI ZUNUBI he will get more benefits.

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