#Halal Holiday For Muslims In Maldives and Airport Services

Halal Holiday For Muslims In Maldives and Airport Services

Have you visited Maldives before? If you did you would have noticed the long queue at the immigration where passports get stamped. Maldives is a tiny country of about half a million in population but there are over a million tourists visiting there for holiday every year, this makes the airport very crowded. An average person has no choice accept to line up and wait, but if you can afford there is a premium service offered by Maldives Finest to skip the queue and fast track your entry to the Maldives. But this service requires advance reservation. Then only Maldives Finest can arrange someone to greet you at the flight stairs, before you enter the arrival terminal. The host takes you to a different place, it is a lounge where VIP or CIM passengers get refreshments and snacks to enjoy. There are officials from Maldives Immigration visiting the lounge to stamp the passport, so you don’t have to join queue with regular passengers or guests.

Maldives and Airport Services:

If you have made reservation to stay in a hotel the Maldives Finest would inform the hotel about this special arrangement so that the hotel representative can receive you at the lounge and escort to the hotel.

Maldives well known for white sandy beaches but most of them are full with western guests who do not cover their body, those resorts are not ideal of Muslims. If you can afford there are top luxury resorts that offer private villa secluded from rest of the resort or other guests. You can enjoy in the villa, food and drinks are served privately too. These villas are highly expensive, it could cost about $3000 per night in summer period. Winter is high season in Maldives and such private villas are usually around $5000 per night. That’s a hefty price tag for ordinary citizens, but the Maldives is not for ordinary people any way, except the guesthouse tourism in local islands where the scene is totally different.

Halal Holiday For Muslims In Maldives and Airport Services

Guest houses in Maldives are very affordable and ideal for halal tourism. Given that Maldives is a 100% muslim country there are mosques in every local residential island and people have to dress modestly, including western tourists. If western tourists want to do sun bathing they have to go secluded beaches, they are not allowed to wear their regular swimming attire in public beaches. This makes it ideal for Muslim holidays.
In resorts there are some non-halal food items as the majority of tourists visiting those islands are non-Muslims. But, in local islands it is prohibited to sell anything that is no halal or unlawful for Muslims to eat or drink. So, this makes local islands more suitable for Muslims to spend holiday instead of resorts.

Maldives Finest is specialized in luxury travel and registered business under Priority Maldives. They holiday package are super expensive for regular people who travel other cheap destinations like Thailand or Indonesia. To book a guesthouse you may be able to get the best rates directly though the official website. For resorts the local agents usually give better pricing than resort direct rate.

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