#Benefits Of Ya-Mateen – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Ya-Mateen Introduction: Ya-Mateen is one of the names of Allah in Islam, and it is believed to be one of the most powerful names. The name Mateen is derived from the Arabic word “matin,” which means strong and firm. Therefore, Ya-Mateen is often translated as “The Strong and Firm One.” Reciting the name Ya-Mateen is … Read more

Benefits Of Ya-Wahabo – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Ya-Wahab Ya-Wahabo means OH Most Giver”. It is the most beautiful name of Allah SWT for increasing wealth. Ya-Wahabo is the most powerful Wazifa for wealth. It works instantly if anyone recites this name with the core of their heart Allah SWT will open the source of wealth for him. If anyone is worried about … Read more

#Benefits Of Ar-Rehman And Ar-Raheem | Ya Rehman ya raheem benefits- Islam Peace Of Heart

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To some, these both words are same in meaning. Meaning merciful , Rehman and Raheem is one of the two attributes. Means mercy is pure caste. Some people have said that mercy means not punishing those who deserve it and do good to those who do not deserve good. In this case, the attribute of mercy will be functional … Read more