is meat halal in islam islam peace of heart 15936

#Is Meat Halal In Islam – Islam Peace Of Heart

Is Meat Halal In Islam Introduction: Meat is an important part of many people’s diets, but for those following Islamic dietary laws, the question of whether meat is halal or not is of vital importance. Halal meat, according to Islamic law, is meat that has been prepared and slaughtered in …

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halal healthiest fruits in islam islam peace of heart 12050

#Halal Healthiest Fruits In Islam – Islam Peace Of Heart

Halal Healthiest Fruits In Islam Fruits are blessings from Allah SWT. They are the ovaries of a flowering plant. Fruits are the most important part of our life. It is necessary for us to eat fruits. They are very beneficial for our health. It helps us to maintain our diet. …

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7 sunnah of drinking water islam peace of heart 3433

#7 Sunnah Of Drinking Water – Islam Peace Of Heart

7 Sunnah Of Drinking Water In Islam, Allah SWT guides us about everything According to Hadith and Sunnah. So, Here is seven Sunnah Of Drinking water every Muslim must follow and get the benefits from this Sunnah. 7_Sunnah_Of_Drinking_Water 1) See Water Before Drinking: It is narrated in Hadith Sharif that …

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15 benefits of eating dates khajoor islam peace of heart 3185

#15 Benefits Of Eating Dates ( Khajoor) – Islam Peace Of Heart

15 Benefits Of Eating Dates Dates are the fruit of paradise and in Dates, it is healing from poison. The importance of dates is at its peak in the month of Ramadan. Dates are mentioned twenty times in the Qur’an. Everyone loves to eat dates and it is a very …

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