#The Battle Of Jalula – Islam Peace Of Heart

the battle of jalula islam peace of heart 1053

Battle of Jalula¬† The Persian King took refuge in Hulwan, about a hundred miles to the north of Madain. He once more ordered Persian forces to advance As a result a part of his army occupied Jalula, which was situated in the neighborhood Madain. The Persian forces at Jalula made great preparations for a battle … Read more

#The Battle Of Buwaib – Islam Peace Of Heart

the battle of buwaib islam peace of heart 1039

Battle of Buwaib After the disaster at Jasr, Hazrat Umar sent messengers to all parts of Arabia inviting the Arabs to participate in the war against the Persians. In response to this call, many Muslims and Christians gathered round the standard of Islam. The Persians sent a strong force against the Muslims under the command … Read more