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#Private Prayer – Islam Peace Of Heart

Private Prayer - Du'a Allah created man to be His vicegerent on earth and bestowed upon him ability to distinguish between right and wrong. He...

#Eid Prayer – Islam Peace Of Heart

Eid Prayer  The two main festivals in Islam are Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. Eid means recuring happiness or festival. Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated on the 1st Of...

#The Friday Prayers – Islam Peace Of Heart

Friday Prayer Friday is a day of special importance for Muslims. The following verses of the Holy Quran relate to congregational prayers on Friday: "O ye...

#Shortened Prayer -Qasr – Islam Peace Of Heart

Shortened Prayer -Qasr If one is on journey, the prayers are shortened. The Quran says: "When ye travel through the earth, there is no blame...

#Combining Prayer – Jama’ah – Islam Peace Of Heart

Combining Prayer - Jama'ah The two afternoon prayers, Zuhr and Asr may be combined when one is on a journey and so may the two...

#Delayed Prayer – Qaza Namaz – Islam Peace Of Heart

Delayed Prayer - Qaza The believers are enjoined to offer their prayers at the appointed times. Failing to do so is a sin unless there...

#Postures Of Prayer -Islam Peace Of Heart

Postures of Prayer The different postures of prayer are indicative of the humility of the body and the soul. Each Raka'at consists of three parts. The...

#Method Of Prayer – Islam Peace Of Heart

Method of Prayer The approved, traditional method of prayer is as follows: Standing straight with the face towards the Ka'abah and hands hanging down the sides...

#Names And Times Of Prayer – Islam Peace Of Heart

 Names and Times of Prayers The names of the five obligatory prayers are: 1. Fajr 2. Zuhr 3. Asr 4. Maghrib 5. Isha 1. Fajr: This Is An Early Morning Prayer The...

#Adhan – Call To Prayer – Islam Peace Of Heart

Adhan Every prayer with the exception of the two Eid prayers and funeral prayers is preceded by an Azaan. The Muezzin i.e., the person who...

#Benefits Of Nafil Namaz – Islam Peace Of Heart

Nafil Namaz Apart from the obligatory prayers, there are some supererogatory prayers. Which is very good for the pious people. Because by establishing them, the love...

#How To Recite Namaz According To Hadith – Islam Peace Of Heart

Namaz The method of praying according to the Sunnah is as follows: For Men: For start Namaz turn face in the qiblah at the place of prayer....