7 Sunnah Of Drinking Water

In Islam, Allah SWT guides us about everything According to Hadith and Sunnah. So, Here is seven Sunnah Of Drinking water every Muslim must follow and get the benefits from this Sunnah.


1) See Water Before Drinking:

It is narrated in Hadith Sharif that the Holy Prophet PBUH suggested to his Sahaba that when you drink water see it before drinking and one of Jews people heard it. When he was drinking water he told his wife to bring the light I want to see the water before drinking. When she was being so there was Scorpio in the water and the Jews accept Islam because of this Sunnah. That is why we should see before Drinking water it is beneficial for all of us and it can save our life.

2) Cover Head Before Drinking Water:

Water is a blessing for all of us. So we should cover our heads before Drinking water and thank full to Allah SWT for such a blessed thing gifted to us.

3) Turn Face To The Qibla Before Drinking Water:

We should turn our faces to the Qibla before Drinking water. Because water is the God gifted for all the creators.

4) Recite Bismillah Before Drinking Water.

Always recite Bismillah before drinking water. Because we should always drink water.

5) Drink Water In 3 Breath:

Always drink water in 3 breaths. Because it reaches our kidneys and lungs. It is very beneficial for all of us to drink water in 3 breaths.

6) Drink Water While Sitting:

Always drink water while sitting. Because it is very beneficial for us because it easily cleans our kidneys. So we should always drink water while sitting.

7) Always Drink Water With Right Hand:

Always drink water with your right hand. we all should drink water with the right hand. It is Sunnah in Islam.


Here are 7 Sunnah of drinking water we all must follow after drinking water. We should recite Alhumdulillah and 1 time Surah Ikhlas. Because we all should thankful to Allah SWT for this blessing.


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