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#15 Benefits Of Eating Dates ( Khajoor) – Islam Peace Of Heart

Dates are the fruit of paradise and in Dates it is healing from poison .The importance of dates is at its peak in the month of Ramadan. Dates are mentioned twenty times in the Qur’an.
Every one love to eat dates and it is very beneficial thing. Today I will tell you 15 benefits Of Eating Dates. So, If we eat dates in our daily life how much disease will far away and we will safe from all disease.
It is narrated in Hadith Sharif that eating dates is very beneficial for every one. So, Here I will share with you 15 benefits that will keep you safe from all disease.
15 Benefits Of Eating Dates (Khajoor)
Heart diseases can be removed from date palm. Soak a few dates in water overnight and eat them twice a week in the morning, It strengthens the heart. 
Dates are very useful for relieving constipation.
Dates are very useful for weak and emaciated people, Boil four dates in half a kilo of milk and drink, The body becomes fat..
Dates reduce the risk of cancer. More energy is available.
Dates improve the digestive system.
Date palm provides relief from piles.
Eating increase the beauty of face and body.
It makes strong the bones and teeth.
It boost Memory and eye-sight.
It keep the fresh soul and body.
It boost mind and give the healthy brain.
It maintain the blood pressure and sugar level in the body.
It loss the weight.
It maintain the iron in the body.
It promote heart health, brain heath, body health and digestive system.
Dates are very useful product in ancient time. Mostly people decorate their dinning with dates and they eat with milk. sometimes people eat dates as a meal to maintain their sugar and blood pressure and get make healthy body. Dates are very useful to drink it with milk. 

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