Is Social Media Is Haram In Islam? This question arise in every heart of Muslim. Because this is the time of technology and when we think about Islam we also think about Is social media haram in Islam? So, Here I will give you the answer of this question. Read Only On Islam Peace Of Heart.
What Is Social Media ?
Social Media is the platform where we  can connect our loved one’s that are too far away from us.
Types Of  Social Media:
Social Media has many types like:
Much More…
Is Social Media Haram In Islam:
Social Media is not Haram in Islam. Because we can contact our loved one’s. But If we use negatively so it is haram. If the person use social media with using wrong way like making fake friends, Upload Haram images, Haram things, It is Haram.
Benefits Of Using Social Media:
Here are lots of benefits we can use social media according to Islam. We can promote our brands, business, we can learn through social media, We can teach on social media, It is halal.
Most of people create pages and reach millions of people’s to promote their brands they increase their business and get lots of followers for their social media. It is the better way to increase their sales. that is halal. If we promote our brand that is halal.
Social Media is not haram but if we use in the wrong way it is haram. So uploading haram content and use haram things is haram in Islam.


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