The following things are forbidden.

Table of Contents

  • Whistle blowing
  • clap
  • Squeezing fingers in prayer
  • Tearing one’s clothes in a state of ecstasy of lying at the right time. If the incident is a state of ecstasy, then it cannot be compared to the state of falsehood.
  • Eat food on the way.
  • Sitting with legs spread in front of the members of the Majlis.
  • Sit with the support of the pillow in such a way that the fear of sitting upright is removed. This is a sign of active arrogance and it insults the members of the Majlis, Yes, it is not makrooh if it is due to an excuse.
  • Wear long clothes.
  • Chewing mustard in the mouth, this is lust.
  • Laugh out loud.
  • To make fun of.
  • Screaming unnecessarily.
  • It is advisable to have moderation in speed. Not so fast as to cause fatigue and collision with other passers-by, Don’t take steps that are arrogant. Crying out loud, counting the attributes of the deceased Yes, if it is out of fear of Allah or out of remorse for being useless in the last moments of life or because of that It is not possible to reach the place where it was proposed, and it is not possible to reach it and regret it with heartfelt remorse.
  • It is also makrooh to redeem the body in front of people.
  • Talking in baths, faeces and other dirty places is also forbidden.
  • Do not greet anyone in dirty places or respond to the greetings of a Muslim.
  • It is makrooh to be naked in front of people and to open that part of the body which is not customary to have space, And Kashf woman is haraam.
  • It is makrooh to swear by anyone other than the father or Allah. If you swear, then say Allah. Otherwise remain silent. This is how the interpretation came in the Prophet.


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