Eid of the People of Prophet Ibrahim:

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Ibrahim looked at the stars and said, “I am not well.” It so happened that the people of Abraham left the city on the day of Eid. Abraham’s religion was different from his religion. Abraham did not go with them And will be sick, When people leave. So Abraham took an ax and threw it at the idols, and put it on the idol’s shoulder. And when they saw the bad condition of the idols, they said, “Who has done this to our gods?” So when Khalil-Allah got excited because of his Lord, he hurt his hand of breaking the idol. And he risked his life in the friendship of Allah. Allah also honored his friend. He brought the dead birds back to life. Prophets and messengers were created in his generation and he was the ancestor of the Messenger of Allah.
Eid of the People of Musa Kalim Allah:
This has come in verses, The day of the contest is for you. The reason for saying Yum Zina is Tasmiya. That Allah destroyed the enemies of the Children of Israel, Pharaoh and the Pharaohs, and gave Moses and his people adornment. Pharaoh and his people were accompanied by 72 or 73 were magicians. They had a 100 sticks and ropes. The sticks were wrapped with ropes from the top and inside them was filled with mercury. All the creatures were gathered on the scorched earth. The heat of the sun was intense and the mercury had become liquid due to the intense heat.
And the sticks wrapped around the ropes were running. People felt like snakes were running away. Although the snakes were not moving. Moses feared in his heart for the sake of his people and thought that the people would not be intimidated by the magic of the sorcerers. And maybe people will go astray from the right path and become a dargah. Even if Allah commands Moses to throw his stick on the ground, whatever he has made a lie, the stick will come out of it. Moses put the stick and it immediately became a snake like a camel. His two eyes began to burn like fire and the Hour will come. Whatever they did, the snakes were bitten by the force of magic. Moses’ rod swallowed all these snakes at once and his condition did not change, his stomach did not swell and his movement did not decrease. Nor did the sorcerers increase their height and become helpless. The magicians performed the prostration of Allah SWT. The chief of these sorcerers was Simon. All the sorcerers said in unison, “We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.” Meaning we let it go true. The serpent repeatedly attacked Pharaoh’s army and people. It is said that about fifty thousand men died in this stampede.
Eid Of The People Of The Esa:
God said quoting Jesus’ Dua. O Allah, our Lord, send down upon us a blessing from heaven which may be a feast for us and for those before us and after us. It so happened that the disciples said to Jesus, Can your Lord fulfill your question that if you take Dua from heaven to send blessings, can He send it down? Jesus answered: Fear Allah, If you are believers, then do not ask for a trial, for if the blessing is taken away and you do not believe, you will be punished. They said, “We are hungry, there is food in it, and our hearts will be satisfied.” This means that our hearts will rest on what you are inviting us to confirm our faith and we will know. That you are truthful in the agreement of prophecy and prophethood and by going before other children of Israel we will also be able to bear witness of the revelation of blessings. The transliteration of the disciples into the language of the Nabataeans is laundry, and there were twelve men in all. At that time they were present in the “Bait-Ul-Muqaddas”. When Jesus passed by and they accepted your invitation. Jesus said: Who is my helper in turning to Allah? Meaning who is with me in obedience to Allah against the disbelievers and the rebellious? The disciples replied, “We support the religion of Allah.” So they gave up and followed Jesus.
Wherever Jesus went, the disciples went with him and observed the miracles and wonders that were manifested by the hand of Jesus. When he was hungry and in need of food, Jesus would put his hands under the ground and take out two loaves of bread for himself and for them. Gabriel was always there to support Jesus, And the strangest thing is that there is a great deal of humor in it, but it would have added a lot of hate to the Israelites who would have shown great respect for it. One day, five thousand Israelites asked the disciples to bless Jesus, At that time Jesus make “Dua”.  Translation: ( O Allah, O our Lord! Send down upon us a blessing from heaven which means to us a feast for the people of our time and also for those who are to come. And even if it is a sign of Prophethood from you, the best provision is to provide for us with unseen power). Allah said: I will certainly take away the blessing but after that I will punish the one who refuses in such a way that I have not been given to anyone in all the world. So on Sunday, Allah gave a blessing from heaven which contained fresh fish, chapatis, and dates. According to some people, there was a table in which there was a fried fish with salt on its head and vinegar on its tail. There were five loaves, each with an olive fruit, There were five pomegranates and some dates, and a variety of salads, if any. Jesus was sitting in a garden with his companions. He said to his companions, “If any of you have food, take it.” Simon brought two loaves of fish and five loaves of bread.
Another man brought some satu. Jesus cut the fish into small pieces and also broke the bread into pieces and kept the pillows the same. After performing two rak’ats of namaz and praying to Allah for the support Allah gave a little sleep to the companions of Isa. When the people opened their eyes they saw that there would be enough food for one caravan. He said eat Bismillah but do not pick it up for another time. According to the order, all the people formed circles and sat down, At the time when all the people were satisfied, they were five thousand and according to one estimate they were eighteen hundred. There were men as well as women. There were poor and starving people and there were people who could afford even a single loaf of bread, All the people got up while giving thanks to Allah. Even then the food was in its original state and it did not diminish. Then the table rose in front of the eyes of the people. The poor man who ate the food of this table became rich and remained rich till his death, The crippled or sick person ate and was healed, It is said that Jesus called out to the people, “Have you eaten?” The people answered, “Yes.” Jesus said, “Don’t carry anything for another time.” People said it would not be good but they broke their promise and took some of the amount they had kept. The audience then came to believe in the truth of Jesus, And they went back to their nation, the other Israelites, they were Jews, the Jews stayed with them. He even turned them away from Islam and even though they had taken food from table, they had enough food. Even then the revelation will be denied. The result was that one day while sleeping, Allah made them look like pigs. Those whose faces were distorted were all men. There were no women and no survivors. Some people has stated that the revelation was a point in the table. There was a meal on which a small amount of food was placed. Consider this if a group and a large group of people are satisfied with Carthage and still save food. What will be the condition of the table of God’s pleasure and mercy?
Which has no limits or extremes. It has been narrated in the hadith that Allah has a hundred blessings. He has bestowed a mercy on the world. By the effect of this mercy, people love one another with compassion, kindness and love. Ninety-nine blessings he has left to himself. On the Day of Resurrection he will bestow those blessings on his servants. It has come to pass that Allah, on the Day of Resurrection, will be the first and the last of His greatness. This means that the sins of human beings will be absorbed in its edges and the rest of the middle chessboard will be empty. Even Iblis will try to reach him in the hope that he too will get some of the mercy. God’s mercy is so vast, but the wise and prudent man should not rely on it and should not be deceived. Hope should not prevail over fear, otherwise it will perish, You must try your best, And the prohibition of immortality must be enforced as far as possible, And it is necessary to entrust all your affairs to Allah. The abundance and constant care of asking for forgiveness and repentance should be taken, Do not let the fear of punishment overwhelm you so much that you give it so much mercy. Not so sure of salvation as to commit a taboo and disobey orders. Instead, take the middle ground. This is the contradiction of the view that within the believer we have a vision. We are all like the two wings of a bird that maintains its balance when mating.
Eid of the Ummah of Muhammad is the beginning of the Majlis:
Believers and infidels participate in Eid Everyone’s Eid is fixed but the Eid of the believer is for the fragments of Allah and the Eid of the disbeliever is for the pleasure of Satan. When a believer goes to Eid, then the crown of guidance is on his head, A sign of shame in the eyes, Tilt to the right in the ears, Testimony of Tawheed on the tongue, Knowledge of faith in the heart, On the shoulders is the chador of Islam and on the back is the veil of servitude, It has monasteries and mosques. His God is the Lord of creation. In front of him he murmurs, He is the one who asks for Allah’s forgiveness, And Allah will admit him to a place of honor and Paradise. When a disbeliever goes to Eid, he is crowned with despair and misguidance. The ears are covered with negligence and hijab. There are signs of immorality and lust in the eyes. Misfortune and mercy on the tongue is the seal of distance from God, denial on the heart and darkness of ignorance. The difference in the waist stands between misfortune and the terrible pit of being cut off from Allah. And he sinks into the deep pits of disbelief and polytheism, and strays far from his true God. After all, the abode of such people is hell.
Nice soft dressed, Eating delicious food, embracing beautiful women and enjoying pleasure does not make Eid. From the appearance of the sign of acceptable obedience to the coming down of sins and transgressions, By receiving good deeds in exchange for evil deeds, From the high flight of ranks and the height of mercy and honor, And by receiving the glad tidings from Allah, by the light of faith, by the enlightenment of the breast, Due to the formation of coins in the heart due to the power of belief and other prominent symptoms, The priceless ocean of sciences, arts and wisdom, flowing from the heart to the tongue and eloquence of the pen. On the day of Eid, a man came to Ali’s service. You were eating gram bread at that time. Today is Eid day, so are you eating gram bread? He said that today is the Eid of the one whose fast is accepted. Whose efforts will be appreciated, Whose sins are forgiven, We have Eid today and Eid will be tomorrow. The day we do not disobey Allah is our Eid. It is proper for every wise person to stop looking at the outer garments of Eid, Do not keep your eyes closed on the visible, but look at the fasting Eid with the eye of instruction and reflection. As a metaphor, make the day of Eid the day of resurrection and consider the sound of the royal bell on the night of Eid as the sound of a pig blowing. When people sleep on the night of preparation in anticipation of Eid.  Think of their condition as a dream between two pigs. This would mean death, and on the morning of Eid, people would leave their palaces and houses in various colorful attire. Everyone’s dress and grooming is different. This will be the condition of the righteous on the Day of Resurrection. They will be happy and the sinners will be sad. The pious will ride on horseback and the guilty sinners will fall and crawl upside down or walk. Allah said: Meaning “The pious will be taken to the Merciful and the criminals will be driven towards Hell like thirsty camels.”
Zahid Ahl-e-Marfat and the guardian of Allah will each have his beloved and master in the shadow of the Throne in comfort and ease. There will be clothes and ornaments on the bodies. The radiance of knowledge will be reflected on the faces. In front of the table will be a blessing that will have a variety of food, Until all creatures are accounted for, they will return to their abode in Paradise. Which Allah has prepared for them where there is every desirable and attractive thing. Where the blessings of the eye did not see or hear the ear of a man’s heart did not even think of them. Allah Himself has said: “No one knows who will hide the cool things in the eyes of the people of Paradise in order to reward them for their deeds.” As for the seeker of the world, he will be in weeping and sorrow. The door of bliss will be closed for him in the luxuries and bliss of heaven. Because he has enjoyed the world, He used to eat haraam and suspicious food and he used to mess with obedience to his Lord. He will see his stranger’s place but will not be able to get there until he has paid his dues. As for the disbelievers, they will be punished with all kinds of punishment, humiliation, disgrace, destruction and perpetuation. Feeling they will be in hell, they will cry out for death and destruction, but death will not come to them. When a Muslim flies the royal flags on the day of Eid and sees the flags standing, remember that time When the callers from Allah go to Paradise to the Muslims with high marks. He will call upon Allah to meet him, and when he sees the rows of worshipers, he will remember that on the Day of Resurrection, all creatures will stand before Allah. There will be rows of bad people and good people and all the hidden things will be revealed on that day. After the prayers, people return to the Eidgah. Someone goes home. Some to the mosque, some to the shop. Seeing this situation, remember that people will return to heaven and hell before the retribution of the king. The great benefactor Allah himself has said:
“Remember the Day of Judgment. On that day there will be two groups of people.”
“One group will go to heaven and the other to hell. “


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