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Relationships with wife and children

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It is the literature of the Darwish to spend as much as possible on them in accordance with the constitution. If there is only one thing today that is worthy of today’s need, then do not save anything for tomorrow by balancing the need of the moment. But if you need to save time, keep it for tomorrow. But not for yourself but for the children. If you eat from it yourself, then also serve your family and take care of him and give him the necessities of life. Get rid of self desires, Give priority to your children, If so, do not persuade them to adapt their personal appetite to their appetite. If he has something in his hand in summer, which is useful to him in winter. And if it needs a price in the summer, then sell it and take the price only in your need. If he has got the leak to meet today’s need, but he thinks that by earning more, he will be able to save for children’s consumption tomorrow. Do not engage in earning, but today it is obligatory to spend on the amount of the need to be met. Leave tomorrow’s provision for tomorrow, if it has the strength to endure hunger and sorrow. And if the children do not have such strength, do not invite them to bring them to their condition. Rather, he should move and earn for them.
If the wife feels obedience to Allah, good character and worship in the children, So it is obligatory to feed them what is lawful and unlawful, so that the result of obedience to Allah and goodness may come out of it. Forbidden feeding will lead to disobedience and sin. He himself should strive for the correctness of action, truthfulness of opinion and purity of heart. May Allah keep her and her children’s affairs in order and may she have good patience. And to be able to obey Allah well and to adapt to it and to bless the children with his personal improvement. The Messenger of Allah said: Who settles his affairs with Allah, Allah makes matters right for His servants. The wife and children are also men (Allah will make their affairs right with them too) If guest come (And prepare a good meal for him) So if there is a generous hand and if possible the wife feeds the children in the guest room, Prepare enough food that is enough for everyone. Rather, avoid all. But if there is hardship and poverty and he thinks that his wife and children will sacrifice themselves. And they will be glad to give it to the guest, so give the prepared food to the guests, After that, if anything is left, So eat it as a blessing, Allah will give them more, And whatever they have Allah will bless them. In fact, the guest brings his own provisions. And the sins of the family are reduced. The guest becomes the source of the reduction of their sins, As stated in the hadith, if a dervishes has an invitation somewhere, And if he does not have anything to meet the needs of the children, then leave them in ruins and go to the feast himself and fulfill his appetite. And preventing children from starving is against humanity. And it is not permissible in Tareeqah and Shari’ah to share sins and failures by participating in feast.
Be patient with children, If the invitee is humane and knows that the guest has children (in need), then it is not appropriate to invite the guest alone. Rather, it is important to clear the child’s mind and send as much food as needed to his family. And the guest should also be informed so that his children do not have to worry. Dervishes must teach their wives and children to adhere to the apparent knowledge of Shari’ah, Don’t let the peak be too long to oppose the Shariah. Do not leave your children in the hands of the market (merchant) and entrust them to learn a profession, Rather, he should teach them the rules of religion and persuade them to follow the logic of the world. Yes, if the idea of ​​impatience, disclosure, fear of disgrace, seeking sustenance, and turning to creatures for help prevails. In such a time, the wife should invest in earning money for the children and providing them with the means to become people And let yourself be involved in the same.  It is better to engage in earning with the care of Shariah. Teach children to take care of their parents and to avoid disobedience to their parents. And learn to be patient with yourself, as we have stated in the etiquette of marriage.

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