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Benefits Of Ya Hameed

Ya-Hameed is the most powerful name of Allah SWT. Which means “The One Who Is Able For Appreciate”. This beautiful name is most powerful for getting rid of bad habits. This name has the most benefits. If anyone recites this name He will get lots of benefits from this name. Here are some benefits of reciting “Ya-Hameed”.

If anyone recites this name of Allah SWT 93 times in 45 days. Inshallah, His all bad habits will be gone.

This name can be recited for getting rid of vulgar things. If anyone always speaks anything bad. So, He should recite the name 100 times. Inshallah, he will speak good things.

This Wazifa can be performed for leaving bad habits like sexuality, robbery, vulgar words, drinking, and gambling. So, If anyone recites this Dua. Inshallah Will be safe from all vulgar words.

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