5 Secrets Of Fajr Prayer

Fajr Prayer is the Prayer of starting Of the Day. Allah SWT commands us to perform Fajr Prayer. Because we should start our day with Prayer. Praying 5 times daily is very beneficial but Fajr Prayer is most beneficial than all Prayers.

All Muslims should perform Fajr Prayer and start the Day with the name of Allah SWT. Here are some benefits of Perform Fajr Prayer. If read them carefully I hope you will start to perform Fajr Prayer and will make a Habit. Inshallah.

Secret Of Beauty:

Most people complained about why their face is not glowing and shining. They apply all the most expensive products but they don’t work. I suggest they start performing Fajr Prayer. Inshallah, Within 7 days you will get the best results.

Fajr Prayers is mostly known for the beauty of the face. It increases Beauty. When any Muslim performs the Fajr prayer. So, Allah SWT will create the Noor on his face. His face will shine like 14 moons of the month.

Opening The Door Of Wealth:

Fajr Prayer is also known for wealth. Fajr is the time of Prayer. Allah SWT sent sustenance for his human being. If anyone performs Fajr Prayer. His wealth will increase. Allah SWT will open the all door of wealth to him.

So, If any jobless person performs Fajr Prayer. Inshallah, His closed door will open on him within some days.

Safe From Sins:

Fajr Prayer is the most powerful Prayer. If anyone performs Fajr Prayer. He will be safe from sins. When anyone Performs Fajr Prayer. His all-day remains good. He will be protected from all the major and minor sins for all day.

Protection Form External Attacks:

We don’t know what the incident will be within 1 hour. When someone Performs Fajr Prayer. He will be safe from External attacks for example car accidents, sudden death, sudden trauma, devil attacks, robbery, disease, and much more.

Beginning With Happiness:

Most people complained that their days are not starting with good things. When they wake up they face many problems their work does not end and just continues.

I recommend they start Perform Fajr Prayer. You will see that your day starts with good things and positive. All your work will be performed. You will feel happy.


Fajr Prayer is the most peaceful prayer. When someone Performs Fajr Prayer. His all day will remain positive and all the Happiness will come in life.


So, My Muslim readers If you are facing problems in your life. Start Performing the Fajr prayer.   Inshallah, all the difficulties will go, and you will get successful. Because Fajr prayer is the key to success.


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