Allahu Samad is the most powerful name of Allah SWT. It is very useful and powerful name of Allah SWT for every problem, every wish and Tauheed. It describe the Tauheed of Allah SWT. Because Allahu Samad means “To Be Unnecessary From World”. That is why it has the power. So here are some benefits of reciting Allahu Samad in different ways you can recite any of one.

Allahu Samad For Problems:

If anyone is very worry for his problem and it is impossible to solve this problem instantly. If anyone recite this Dua for problem solution his problem will be solve. So recite Allahu Samad 1000 times before and after 11 times Durood Ibrahim after esha prayer and pray from Allah SWT. Inshallah, His all impossible problem will be solved.


Do it till problem Solution. 

Allahu Samad For Valid Wish:

If anyone has any wish and he want to fulfill his wish through spiritual Dua. Recite Allahu Samad 100 times after each prayer and make Dua from Allah SWT. Inshallah, His valid wish will be fulfilled.


Do it for 40 Days Only.

Allahu Samad For Lawsuit:

if anyone wants to free from lawsuits. So, He should recite Allahu Samad 1 lac times before and after 11 times Durood Times. Inshallah, He will be free from lawsuit.

Allahu Samad For Married:

If anyone recite Allahu Samad for his married purpose. Inshallah, He/She will get married soon. Recite Allahu Samad 1000 times before and after 11 times Durood Pak and make a dua from Allah SWT. Inshallah, Allah SWT will sent the best proposal.


Do it till your married.

Allahu Samad For Wealth:

If anyone recite Allahu Samad 7 times on 7 rice blow on that rice and keep it in your bag. Inshallah, His wealth will increase.

Allahu Samad For Impossible Wish/Problems:

If anyone buy seeds of crops 2 kg make dua for any valid wish now recite Allahu Samad then blow on crops seed and feed it to the fish in the water. Inshallah, His any impossible dua or wish will be fulfilled.


Allahu Samad is very effective name for every problem. Anyone can recite this name for any valid wish. inshallah, His problem will be solved.


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