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Asmaul Husna

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This is the holy name of Allah SWT about which Allah SWT Himself has said: Good names belong to Allah SWT, so remember Him by these names. It means call only Allah SWT by His name and worship Him. Evidence of the wording of the names of Allah is also found in this hadith.
Abu Huraira narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: Indeed, Allah SWT has 99 names. “Whoever remembers Him by these names he will go to paradise”. It means that who will remember Allah SWT by his names he will go to paradise. We learned that the name of Allah SWT has biggest importance and virtuous.
Because recitation of Asma ul husna is very effective for increase wealth, blessed, Heal cures, fulfilled desires, provisions, get rid of evil, religion and faith or very experienced for success in religion and in the world. Therefore, it is better to make a habit to recite these names 1 time after the Fajr prayers.It will be beneficial for religion and the world.
Asma ul husna is the habit of most of Islamic Scholar. They always used to recite these name for achieve the love of the Allah SWT. Therefore if a person recite theses names 100 times for 1 year then this will open the way to knowledge. He will walk on the path that leads to spirituality.
If someone has any wish so he should recite Asma ul husna 41 times for 40 days on last day in prostrating pray from Allah SWT. Inshallah, By the grace of Asma ul husna his desire will be fulfilled.
Whoever recite each name 10 times he will be healthy and every good deed will be rewarded. His house will be blessed. he will be protect from evil attacks. His heart will be well inclined towards the remembrance of Allah SWT. His honour and wealth will increase. His value and love will be created in the hearts of the people. Above all, it will be beneficial, He will death in faith.
The destination of the grave and the Hereafter will be very easy. In short, Asma ul-Husna is the source of all prosperity and salvation.  

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