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Darood Tanjeena

Durood Tanjina means the Durood which is recited to get rid of every difficulty and campaign Allama Fakhni has narrated the incident of an elderly Sheikh Musa in Qamar Munir.

He told us that we were with a caravan traveling on a ship. The ship was hit by a storm. The storm wreaked havoc on the ship. We believed that the ship would sink in a few moments And we will die because the sailors understood that too!! Only a lucky ship can survive such a fast ship.

Sheikh says at this moment I was overwhelmed by sleep In a few moments I fell asleep, and I saw in a dream that Prophet Muhammad PBUH has come and ordered me that you and your Campanian recite Darood Tunjina 1000 times. I woke up and I Gathered my friends we performed ablution and started reciting Durood sharif We had just recited Durood Tunjina 300 times The force of the storm began to subside Gradually the storm stopped And in a short time the sky became clear And there will be peace on the surface of the sea With the blessings of this Durood, all the sailors will be saved…

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This Durood Pak was named Tanji or Tanjina there are boundless virtues religious scholars tried every time Hazrat Ghous E Azam said, One person into a lot of trouble when he performs ablution and starts reciting this Durood, then difficult problems will be solved if someone recited Darood Tunjina daily 300 times with respect and pure faith and turn into qibla By the grace of Allah, his most difficult problem will be solved…

Sharah Dalail Khairat Wrote that Whoever wants to see the Holy Prophet in a dream recited Durood with special intention And after Isha prayers, he should complete it 1000 times and clean the bed and sleep in ablution Inshallah you will see the holy prophet in a dream within 40 days If God wills, it can happen within a week…

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Islamic scholar says if someone recites this Darood Pak 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the night Allah will be pleased with him And you will be saved from the wrath of Allah. Allah will protect him from evils and sins. So that the grief may be wiped away.

One of the characteristics of this Durood-e-Pak is that the person who is sick and frustrated with the doctors should recite this Durood frequently inshallah to Get rid of the disease.

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