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Durood Qadriya

This is a blessing on the Holy Prophet, the bearer of good news. This Durood has been collected by Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. May Allah bless us with the blessings of reciting this Durood Pak, Amen. May Allah’s mercy and peace be upon our leader Muhammad and his descendants and his companions. All praise is due to Allah SWT. We and those who have done us good by dealing with Islam and peace. Ghous Abdul Qadir Jilani, the leader of the saints and the leader of the ummah, the leader of the Najib and the Qutub of the Qutub, said to his religious brothers: I have received this Durood Shareef from on behalf of Allah, after which I have been offered in the service of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said before asking that his goodness is so strange that it cannot be relied upon. This Durood elevates its reader to a higher level. And its reciter does not fail when he intends to do something. His Dua does not go to Allah in vain. So Allah will forgive him and if he is in the company of a young man, he will forgive him too. And when he dies, four angels will be present.

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The first angel will stop him from the devil and the second will read him Kalimah Shahadat And the third will give him a cup of Kausar And the fourth will give him a gold plate Which will be full of the fruits of heaven, And Allah will say to them: Rejoice. O servant of Allah, look for a place in Paradise for yourself, then you will see the attention with your own eyes, before he leaves, his soul will enter Paradise.

And in his grave he will not feel peace and loneliness and distress. And for this, forty doors of mercy will be opened, and a candle of light will be hung over his head, which will be raised with him even in the Day of Resurrection, and there will be an angel towards his right side. The one who gives the good news, and the angel from the other side of it, And on top of that will be two garments, and he will be given the best camel of the heaven. On which he will ride, and he will not regret, nor will he repent, nor will he be held accountable for his evil deeds. When he will pass over pulsirat And the fire of Hell will say: Hurry up, I am forbidden to you. And enter Paradise through whichever door you wish. All this will be brought down to heaven and each door will have forty silver domes. In each dome there will be a hundred chambers of light, in each chamber there will be a throne of camphor. On each throne will be a bed of silk. On each bed there will be a young maiden with evil eyes, who was created by Allah with a pure fragrance.

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As if that night is the night of fourteen, after this Allah will give him this blessing which no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no human heart has ever heard, It has been narrated that on the night when the Holy Prophet was beheaded in the court of Allah, he said: O Muhammad, whose is the sky? Muhammad said, “Lord, this is all yours.” Then Allah said: Whose am I? O Muhammad! Then the Prophet will be silent and you will be stopped by shame. Allah said:  I am the one who recited Durood on Muhammad PBUH, And who increased the honor and glory of Muhammad. Abdul Qadir Jilani said that this Durood is related to Hades and this Durood opens seventy doors of mercy. This Durood is good for freeing thousands of slaves, and for killing thousands of Camels, and for giving alms, and for thousands of months of fasting, and it is a secret. This Durood draws sustenance, improves morals and fulfills needs and forgives sins. This Durood hides sin, honors humiliation. There is a narrator, this Durood will not be given except for a person with good qualities and perfect.

Whoever reads this Durood will find it difficult to solve this problem at any time, in this world and in the hereafter. And the prophet will heal him. This is the Qur’an for those who recite Durood and for those who give advice. It is a resource for the pious.

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