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Life of the Holy Prophet PBUH As the Model of Excellence

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Hazrat Muhammad PBUH is the only messenger of Allah and man in history whose entire life is recorded. Not only the important events of his life, but the details of his daily life, from birth to death are written. All his sayings, the details of his conduct and character have been preserved, his whole life, at home in the mosque and outside, was fully known to his companions and was recorded so that the following generations could learn’ and get inspiration from his example.
The life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is perfect and serves as an example for men and women of all ages working in all professions and trades. He not only preached but also practiced what he preached and acted upon each and every commandment and injunction revealed to him by Allah.
He taught people to be good, honest and just in their private as well as public dealings. His teachings were not confined to the mosque. At home, he advised his family, and in the market place, he explained the principles of buying and selling. When he received deputations from abroad, he talked about State matters with laid the foundations of international law. When at war, he devised the laws of war and peace. While deciding disputes between his companions, he gave them a civil and criminal code of judgement; and to protect the rights of individuals in the state, he gave them judgements which later became the law of the Islamic State.
In his childhood he was a herdsman and looked after the sheep and goats of his family and neighbours. Later he became a trader and went on trading Journeys to neighbouring countries. He married, had children and lived a very happy life with his family. Later on, at Madinah, he became the head of the Community and acted in various capacities as a judge, administrator, a military Commander, and finally, head of the State. 
He had vast experience in various positions and had gained a great deal of knowledge of human needs in all Circumstances. His life is a perfect model and example for people to follow to attain goodness, piety and success in their personal as well as social life. He had set very high and noble ideals through practical examples for all mankind to follow in every field of life.
Sincerity and simplicity, truthfulness and honesty were part of the Holy Prophet PBUH character. From a poor orphan boy, he rose to the position of a king, but he never led the life of a king. The ruler of a vast empire, he met the lowest of his subjects on terms of equality. He helped his wives in their household duties and mended his shoes and clothes. When a mosque was being built in Madinah, he worked as an ordinary labourer. 
He also took part in the digging of the trench during the battle of Trench. He stood firm and steadfast before the dangers and difficulties that he faced in his encounters with the Quraish. The Quran describes the personality of the great Prophet PBUH in these words “And you (stand) on an exalted standard of character.” (68: 4)
In the words of the Quran, his character and personality was far above that of other human beings. He possessed the best and noblest qualities and was a true example of a perfect human being. He lived the life of an ordinary man: helped the poor, orphans and the widows; was kind to the weak, and hospitable to strangers and travellers; was affectionate and loving towards his friends and forgiving and merciful towards his enemies, was fair and honest in his dealings and just in deciding affairs of friends as well as that of enemies. In short, all goodness and all excellence seems to have been combined in the person of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.
The Quran and the Prophet PBUH are inseparable. The Quran is Allah’s Command, and the life of Prophet, the fulfillment of that Command. The Holy Prophet PBUH was charged with the responsibility to communicate the revealed message and to make his life a model for others.
Allah’s commands are contained in their original form in the Quran and the Prophet’s PBUH sayings and doings are preserved in the form of Hadis. These records cover matters of morality, spirituality, economics, politics and sociologý. The advice is absolutely perfect, free from human weaknesses. It shows us the moderate way of life, These two sources, the Quran and the teachings and the example of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH life will always provide light and guidance to those who need it.
Once someone enquired about his character and manners from his wife Hazrat Aisha and she replied that the Quran was his character. This means that he practiced the teachings of the Quran and whatever the Quran commanded, he obeyed, and whatever it forbade, he abstained from it. According to Anas his servant, Prophet Muhammad PBUH had the best character. Jabir reported to
Prophet Mohammed PBUH as saying, Allah has sent me to perfect good qualities of character and to compe lete good deeds.” (Mishkat)
The Holy Quran clearly mentions:
Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah, a beautiful pattern ( of conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day. ” (33:21)
The Holy Prophet PBUH is thus, an ideal and excellent example for mankind to follow in their daily life.

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