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#Benefits Of Durood Roohi – Islam Peace Of Heart

Durood Roohi
Durood Roohi is a Durood which is very beneficial for the late peoples in the hereafter. This Durood is a source of forgiveness for late peoples. 
If someone wants that Allah SWT will forgive his late father or late mother he should recite this durood 41 times for 41 days in his late father or mother grave and then pray from Allah SWT for his forgiveness Inshallah, Allah SWT will forgive them. Allah SWT will make paradise to his grave.
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The most biggest benefit of this durood pak is reciting this Durood pak in the graveyard will saves the souls from torment. 
Therefore, whenever if someone goes to the graveyard, he should recite this Durood 1 time.

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