Isbooh Sharif

Dua Isbooh Sharif is one of the best Dua of Sayyidina Ghous-E-Azam. This Dua is distributed in 7 days. Most Islamic scholars always used to recite this Dua. Especially Silsila-E-Qadriya scholar recited this Dua. In this Dua, the Name Of Allah SWT is described in beautiful words. In this Dua, the Grace and Pleasure of Allah SWT are praised. And then they will ask Allah SWT for help.

The fact is that Isbooh Sharif is the treasure of Allah SWT. Whoever recites this Dua the unseen things will reveal to him. The veils between the servant and Allah SWT will be removed. The reader becomes a diver in the ocean of knowledge and becomes a slave of divine manifestations. By making it a habit to recite every Manzil of Asbuh Sharif on its appointed day, man becomes a Mustajab-Ud-Dawat. And he gets nearness to Allah SWT.

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From wealth to certainty, his faith is strengthened. According to some Islamic Scholars, after the obligatory daily Prayers, one should recite Durood Sharif and recite the relevant Wazifa of that day. The benefits and properties of Isbooh Sharif are innumerable. Reciting Isbooh Sharif will bring benefits and blessings in this world and in the hereafter. Whoever recites this Dua his wealth will increase. He will die on faith, He will be saved from the severity of death, And there will be relief in the grave, What is needed in the world will be fulfilled, His all valid wishes will be fulfilled by the grace Of Allah SWT, The one who recites Asbooh Sharif becomes rich in world and religion.


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