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Durood Mohammadi

This is a Durood which is a named for everything. There is not one but crores of blessings on the Ummah of the Holy Prophet PBUH even more. We are wicked, sinners are living a carefree, lazy and open life but the Holy Prophet PBUH is always seeking the forgiveness of his ummah in the sight of Allah SWT.

“Whoever recite this durood pak 1 time in each day Allah SWT has promised to rewarded him with 10 blessings and 10 virtues his honour 10 degrees will be higher”.

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This durood is very blessed and effective. The benefits of this Durood are innumerable. Even if this whole book had been dedicated, not even a quarter of the virtues of this Durood would have been mentioned. It is impossible to write down the whole secret of this durood pak.

That is why this Durood has been called Durood Mohammadi by the Supreme Being of the time because this special for Holy Prophet PBUH. It is not a durood but a secret to gain the love of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

This durood pak is a power that no human being can describe. Durood Mohammadi is a special mercy on the servants of Allah SWT. It’s easy to take advantages from this durood pak. If someone recites this Durood pak with love and sincerity then he will be overwhelmed with mercy. It is very beneficial to recite this Durood pak on Friday night and as well as Monday.

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