#Benefits Of Darood e Taj -Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits Of Darood e Taj -Islam Peace Of Heart
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 Durood E Taj

Durood Taj is the source of boundless fuse and blessing And this is the beloved of Ashiqan e Rasool (SAWW) most of Sufi and Auliya Allah recited this Durood Pak themselves And in his series of teachings, they instructed his followers to read this Durood-e-Pak.

The characteristic of making the reciter sahib kashf is very prominent Therefore, if a person wants to become a Sahib Kashf, he should recite this Durood Pak 100 times in a day and continue this routine for 3 years Inshallah he will become Sahib Kashf , if he continue this recitation for whole life, he will become a spiritual master , Because Durood Pak is very elixir for cleansing the heart . If the person who recites this Durood Pak at least once in a day his heart becomes pure from sins And walks on the right path . If a person Wants to see the Messenger of Allah in his/her dreams So he should recite it 170  times on the friday night and this process will continue till 40 Friday, inshallah he/she will be honored with Ziarat Of Prophet (SAWW).

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In the case of casting out sorcery or evil spirits and jinn demons Recite this Durood 11 time Inshallah if the evil happens it will be repelled. For increases sustenance Recite This Darood Taj 7 times after Fajr prayers as a wazifa it will increases your sustenance. To avoid the excesses of the enemy tyrant and envy and sage It is enough to read it once a day. For any wish or any need recite it 40 times in the midnight it will fulfil your needs or wish. For healing diseases recite 11 time and blow on the water it will lead to your healing.

If someone wants to become a master of this darood pak So he should sit in solitude for 40 nights and recite it 111 times in a day Inshallah the one who pays attention to the confrontation will be convinced and will be taken prisoner .

For a childless woman on 21 dates recites this darood 7 times and blow on dates and daily eat one dates Then after bathing, he should go to bed with her By the grace of God a righteous son will be born. If a woman is pregnant and there is any kind of disturbance recite it 7 times a day for 7 days and blow on water drink it By the grace of Allah she will be well.