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Durood Pak On Friday

Abu nasr narrated from Ali Bin Abi Talib, That the Holy Prophet PBUH said: “Recite more Durood Pak on Friday. Because the reward of reciting Durood Pak on friday will be double”. Pray for me for high degree. The companion asked to the Holy Prophet PBUH, What is the level of resource in heaven? The Holy Prophet PBUH said: There is the highest rank in the heaven that only one Prophet will get. I hope I will be that Prophet.

Jabir narrated that, The Holy Prophet PBUH said: “If a person recite Dua after Adhan. So, My intercession will be lawful for him. It means, that the door of my intercession will open for him”.
Abdullah Bin Abbas narrated, that I have heard from the Holy Prophet PBUH. “Recite more Durood Pak on bright night and bright day that means, Friday night and on the day of friday”.

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Anas Bin Malik narrated that I was standing in the service of the Holy Prophet PBUH. The Holy Prophet PBUH said: “Whoever recite Durood Pak 80 times on me on the day of friday. Allah SWT will forgive his 80 years sins”. I was ask to the Holy Prophet PBUH Ya Rasool Allah! How can I recite Durood Pak on the Friday? He said recite Durood Pak. (Allahuma Salle Wasalam Wa Barik Aala Habibe Kal Mustafa Wa Aala Alihe Wasalam). Recite Durood Pak and Count it in your fingers.

Abu Imam narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: On Friday, recite more Durood Pak as much you can recite on me. Because the Durood Pak of my Ummah are brought to me on every Friday. But the one who will send more Durood Pak on me will the most closest to me on the Day of Resurrection.

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