Nafil Namaz

Apart from the obligatory prayers, there are some supererogatory prayers. Which is very good for the pious people. Because by establishing them, the love of Allah SWT will obtained. Allah SWT will blessed him with uncountable virtues. In the Hadith, The supererogatory prayers are as follows:

Namaz Tahajjud:

Tahajjud means “progress”. Because this prayer is recite after Isha prayers and after waking up in the mid night. That is why it called Tahajjud. Tahajjud prayer has most virtues in worship after the five daily times of prayers. According to the Tahajjud Prayer. The Holy Prophet PBUH said: ” Pray the Tahajjud because it was the way of the righteous before you “. Staying up at night is the source of nearness to Allah SWT because it eliminates evils and sins will erased. It has at least 2 raka’h and at most 12 raka’h. This is the most beloved prayer of a special people of Allah SWT. It is Sunnah to recite long Surah in the recitation of Tahajjud prayer.

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Namaz Ishraq:

Ishraq prayer is the prayer that offered when the sun rises one or two spears. The Holy Prophet has said. “Whoever recite Fajr prayers in congregation and remembers Allah SWT. Even the sun rise it means, 20 minutes will pass to the sun rise then recite two rakah. He will get the reward of the entire Hajj and Umrah”. It has 2 rakah. Thus, every effort should made to offer this prayer because it has many virtues and blessing.

Namaz Chasht:

The time of this prayer is from the rising of the sun to half of the Shari’ah. It is better to recite it at the rising of a quarter of the day. It has at least two raka’h and at most 12 raka’h. This prayer has many virtues and blessings. All the sins of the reciter will always forgiven. Although it is equal to the foam of the sea and for him Allah SWT will build palace of gold in heaven.

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Namaz Awabeen:

This prayer offered after the Fardh, Sunnah and Nafl. It has at least 2 rakah and at most 20 rakah. But in general, 6 rakah can recited. According to the Awabeen prayer. The companion Of The Prophet PBUH Ammar bin Yasir said. “I saw the Holy Prophet PBUH was reciting 6 rak’ahs after the maghrib prayer.” The Prophet PBUH said. “Whoever pray Namaz Awabeen after maghrib prayer, his all sins will be forgive. Even his sins is equal to the foam of the sea”.

The Holy Prophet PBUH said. “Whoever recite 20 rak’ah after Maghrib prayers. Allah SWT will build a palace for him in Paradise”. It is also has written that one of the gate of Paradise called Adab. On the Day of Resurrection he will ask to Allah SWT that enter him, Who has offered prayer of my name. Allah SWT will accept his request and the reciter will go to paradise.

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Namaz Tasbeeh:

There is an infinite reward for this prayer it has 4 raka’h. Everyone can recite Tasbeeh Namaz. Whenever he wants except for the prescribed time. It is better time to recite Tasbeeha Namaz before Zohr Prayer. The method of reciting Tasbeeh Namaz is to first recite Sana after the takbeer and tahreema. After this recite Third Kalimah Tamjeed. (Subhanallahi Wal Hamdu Lillahi Walailaha Illahu Waallahu Akbar) 15 times after Sana. Then recite Tauz (Aauzbilahi Mina Shaitan Nirajeem). Recite Bismillah  and Surah Fatiha and Ikhlas. Recite third kalma 10 times. Go to in ru’ku and recite ( Subhana Rabil Azeem ) 3 times. Then again recite Kalma Tamjeed 10 times. Get up from Ru’ku. Recite ( Samiallahu Liman Hamda ) and  ( Rabana Lakal Hamda). Then again recite Kalma Tamjeed 10 times. Now go to prostrate recite ( Subhana Rabil Aala ) 3 times the recite Kalma Tamjeed 10 times. Then got up from prostration and recited Kalma Tamjeed 10 times. In next prostrate again recite Kalma Tamjeed 10 times. Now stand up and recite Kalma Tamjeed 15 times after  Bismillah. Now complete 4 Rak’ah according to this method. In every rak’ah recite Kalma Tamjeed 75 times. In Tasbeeh Namaz this Tasbeeh will be recite 300 times in 4 raka’h.


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