#Benefits of Durood E Khizri – Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits of Durood E Khizri – Islam Peace Of Heart
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Darood E Khizri

This Darood Pak  is most reciting routine of Auliyah Allah.

Lots of Auliya’s Allah used to recite this Darood Pak  specially Hazrat Miyyaan Shair Mohammed he was much reciter of  this darood pak and he suggested his followers to recite this Darood Pak because this Darood Pak  is short of words but according to meaning this is very blessed.

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This Darood Pak  have lots of benefits for this world and for here after. But most powerful benefit of this Darood Pak  is that the reciter of this Darood Pak will become the slave of the Holy Prophet PBUH and in the world of religion it lacks anything and he will be reach with the peace of heart and life.

Hazrat Chora Sharif , Hazrat Baba Faqeer Mohammed Chorahi and his sajdah nasheen frequently recite this Darood Pak .