#Benefits Of Durood e Uzma – Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits Of Durood e Uzma – Islam Peace Of Heart
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Durood E Naimat-E-Uzma

This Durood Pak is one of the kind of blessing river. The readers of this Durood Pak divers in the sea of blessings therefore it is called about this Durood Pak when the reader’s says “Allahuma salle” then  he will kept step in the blessings river of Allah (SWT).

When he says the name of ( Prophet Peace Be Upon Him ) he will comes in the waves of Prophet PBUH.When he says , ” Wa’Ala Alihe”  he bestowed in a gift with the family of prophet.

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When he says “alaa ashabe” he will rewarded with good luck. His sins will be removing with the reading of this darood pak. His wishes will be fulfilled. his heart and soul will happen refreshment.

Allah SWT will fulfil his all dreams. therefore the person who wants to achieve the benefits of this darood pak. He should be often read this darood pak after every prayer. if he dont do this must read one time after esha or fajr prayer.