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#Benefits Of Durood e Nariya – Islam Peace Of Heart

 Darood Nariya 
Darood Nariya Is A Treasure Trove Of Spiritual Mysteries Rather, it contains the secrets of acquiring knowledge Which no one could know except the Sufi and Auliya.
Therefore, this Durood is very important in spirituality world. Therefore, whoever wants to know the secrets of this Durood Sharif He should recite this Durood with the permission of Murshid Kamil ,  The way to recite his invitation is to stay in a secluded place for 40 days And fast during the day And recite this Durood day and night and see the strange mysteries will be revealed to him from behind the veil Also during I’tikaaf in Ramadan Recite This Darood Pak Allah Almighty will blessed him with innumerable spiritual mysteries.
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The worldly benefit is that the one who recites this Durood is always safe from troubles and worries.Therefore, when any calamity befalls someone, he should immediately recite this Durood-e-Pak Inshallah The trouble will end immediately That is why trouble will turn into a mercy .

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