300 Ayat ( Verses)

It is recommended that Every person should recite these 300 Ayat verses. Before sleeping then he will be rewarded with worship for the whole night. His name will not be written in the heedless people. So, recite both Surah Al-Furqaan and Surah Ash Shu’ara at night because it is equal to 300 verses (Ayat).

Both Surah has 300 verses (Ayat). If you can’t recite these 2 Surah well, then recite Surah Tariq till the end of the Quran. Because these are equal to the 300 verses (Ayat).

If you want to increase the amount from 300 verses to 1000 verses. So, It will be very good and beneficial. Lots of rewards will be written in his deeds for him. His name will be written in the worshipper’s people. 1000 verses start from Surah Mulk till the end of the Quran. If you can’t recite well these verses (Ayat), then recite them 250 times Surah Ikhlas. It is equal to the 300 verses (Ayat).

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Because Surah Ikhlas has 4 verses and it is equal to 1000 verses. It is advisable for every person that does not stop reciting these 4 Surahs before sleeping. Surah Sajdah, Surah Yaseen, Surah Dukhan, and Surah Mulk. if you recite Surah Muzzammil and Surah Waqiah with them then it is very beneficial.

The Holy Prophet PBUH did not sleep without reciting Surah Sajdah, and Surah Mulk. In other hadiths, Surah Bani Israel and Surah Az-Zimr are mentioned. In other hadith, these verses start from Sabeh. It is another verse ( Musabhaat ) that is very beneficial for more than one lac verse reciting.