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Durood E Noor

This durood is one of the kind of Ism e Azam Allah SWT has express this durood in this world for the sake of the Holy Prophet PBUH. If a person wants to become the Auliya Allah he should recite this durood pak.

In Friday recite this durood pak 100 times on anytime. “Whoever recite this durood pak the light will created in his heart and the light is also a strange light”.

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When it becomes a habit to recite it then the mysteries of Allah SWT will open ” What will happen after the revelation of the divine mystery? ” that cannot be stated. This is durood Noor there is an ocean of light in each of its letters.

It will suffice to write so much in this place. If Allah SWT willed, He could have made the reciter a Ghous and a Qutub or more in one day. Rich has no shortage the veil of the one who recites this Durood will be lifted.

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