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Salat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It’s obligatory for every Muslim to pray 5 times a day in their prescribed timings. For Muslim men, it’s recommended to pray the 5 daily prayers in congregation at a mosque, whereas for Muslim women, it’s optional to pray in a mosque or at home.

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Praying within the prescribed periods is one of the necessary conditions that validate your prayer. If you live in an area that’s near a mosque, you can easily understand the prayer timings from the call to prayer made.
The Advantage of an Islamic App However, if you have traveled to a new country or live in an area distant from mosques and are finding it hard to locate a mosque or recognize the prayer timings, then you need to take advantage of Islamic apps.
A variety of Islamic apps are available on Google Play Store or Apple Store, and here are some of the best free Islamic apps that you can use on your smart devices.

1.     Muslim & Quran Pro: Azan Alarm:

If you own an Apple smartphone or tablet, then Muslim and Qur’an Pro is the best fit for you. It’s packed with all the basic features that Muslims need for the daily practice of their religion.

The application initiates the azan at the prescribed prayer times, allowing you to listen to the whole azan even while your device is locked.
Moreover, it allows you to recite or listen to the recitation of the Qur’an, along with multiple translations and transliterations. Another powerful feature is that it has a map feature allowing you to search for mosques, halal restaurants, and Islamic schools in your district and displays the distance and route to take from your location. The app features a Qibla Compass, too, allowing you to find out the right direction from any location.

2.    Muslim Pro:

Azan, Qibla, Qur’an Both Android and Apple users can use Muslim Pro. The app provides accurate prayer timings based on your location and starts the azan at the prayer time. It also has a Qibla locator feature, enabling you to identify the right direction to face while praying. Similar to the previous app, this one offers a digital Qur’an that you can view on your device and has a mosque locator. If you want to listen to the recitation of the Qur’an while working or commuting, then you can choose from a variety of reciter options.

3.    My Prayer (Salat)

My Prayer application is available on android and supports two languages, English and Arabic. The app calculates the prayer timings based on your location and timing reports. It enables the display of prayer timings in the form of a widget on your smartphone or tablet and even shows the amount of time left between 2 prayers. The application features a Qibla finder too, which helps find the right direction based on any location.

4.    Athan:

Hijri Calendar 1443, Prayer Timings and Qur’an Another great prayer reminding application is the Athan app. The app offers Azan alarms that you can turn on or off in the azan notifications. It views accurate salat timings based on your location in the form of a widget on your smartphone or tablet. The app offers both a free version and a subscription service. The free version consists of most basic features such as azan alarms for prayer timings, a Qibla direction detector, and provides a digital Qur’an. It also shows translations for the digital Qur’an, which is available in 45 languages. There is also a handbook of Qur’anic and daily supplications, and it also has an Umrah/Hajj guide. On the other hand, the subscription offers services such as no advertisements, translations in 23 languages, and provides different Qur’an themes.

5.    Sajda :

Muslim Prayer Times, Azan, Qibla, and Quran Sajda app is available on both iOS and android smart systems. It uses azan alarms and displays prayer timings related to your area. It also has a digital Qur’an, which has multiple translations and allows to keep bookmarks. To find out the correct Qiblah direction, you can use its Qiblah finder.

6.    VMuslim Pro:

VMuslim Pro is another prayer timings application but has several features. To help you to fit prayers into your schedule, it displays prayer notifications and starts the call to prayer. This app has a digital Qur’an which embeds interpretations and also has an audio recitation of the Holy Qur’an.

Besides the above-mentioned features, it consists of a masjid locator and has records of morning and evening supplications. The application also features e-books of authentic hadiths, which Muslims can use to learn more about their religion.

7.     Islamic Calendar 2021:

Islamic Calendar 2021 is packed with tools and features, including an Islamic Calendar. The app displays the current date of the Islamic year and even the Gregorian calendar, but it’s not limited to this. It also notifies about any Islamic occasions or events that will occur in the specific month. The app shows the timings of the five daily prayers based on your vicinity and reminds praying with the help of azan alarms. It hosts various authentic daily supplications and also has a digital Qur’an that you can recite or listen to audio recitation. This Islamic app also includes a zikr counter, Zakat calculator, and even an Umrah/Hajj guide. It has a Qiblah direction finder and even a Masjid locator to spot mosques in your area. Android users can download this application. Now You Know How to Find Prayer Times & Mosques in Your Area Thanks to technology, Islamic apps can be used by Muslims to practice their faith without any interruptions. Many of these apps offer a vast number of resources, including prayer times and azan alarms according to the location. Muslims now would not need to worry about missing their prayer and can pray on time. These apps also provide a digital version of the Holy Qur’an, which includes audio recordings, translations, and even interpretations for greater understanding. Another two common and important functions are the Qiblah compass and the Masjid locator, which is important for any Muslim to find when they have shifted to a new city, town, or country. With these Islamic apps, Muslims can find it easier to fit in Islamic practices within their lifestyle.

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