How important is it to enroll in an intensive Hifz program

Memorizing and Learn Quran Online is the most miraculous journey a student experiences in his life. It is filled with divine blessing and help throughout. If you are willing to memorize the Quran online in a short span of time or at your earliest you should opt for an intensive hifz course.

We are here to enlighten your thoughts about how important it is to enroll in an intensive hifz program. So, glance through the lines to get to know them.

It makes you achieve your hifz goal quickly:

When you are on board for online hifz classes, and you have made up your mind to attend the classes on a daily basis (5 days a week) with a proper time and schedule, then you may be able to achieve your goals quickly and easily.

In an intensive hifz program, you may not have 2 classes per week or a single lesson per week. Instead, you have to be really determined for it because the plan you may choose will have a certain time period to finish it. Once you have decided on the portion of the Quran you want to memorize and the time period in which you want to complete it, your hired teacher will prepare a breakup of the syllabus for you, stretching out the classes to 5 days per week and maybe an hour-long class.

Get it understood with an example:

Mr. A wants to memorize the last juz in 3 months. His teacher will prepare a customized study plan for him that will have 5 classes per week and each class of one hour or maybe longer than an hour. This is how Mr. A will be able to finish the juz in 3 months.
So, you don’t have to keep it lingering on for a year with a single class per week. Instead, you can get through it quickly to start memorizing the Quran consistently and get enrolled in a well-structured Learn Quran Online.

It helps you to be a rigorous learner:

Intensive, as the meaning suggests, is going to be tough, rigorous, and hard. If you want to enhance your skills and learning pace, enrolling in an intensive plan is going to be beneficial for you. There are many online hifz programs that take around 5 to 6 years to finish the whole Quran, depending on the time period a student is giving to his hifz.

But, if you have time, and you want to be a rigorous learner, get a plan for yourself that takes less time to finish. Once your brain and heart are tuned to cope with heavy lessons, you will see a surge in your learning speed.

Your learning capacity is enhanced:

Just compare yourself to a normal hifz student! They are attending classes less than you, learning less daily than you, and revising less than you. So, your learning and retaining capacity will enhance day by day as you use it to memorize and revise daily. Moreover, By enrolling in a Hifz course, the Quran Hifz teacher will help you understand the Quran to memorize it a lot easier and faster than ever before! Divine help is always there for you. The more you get into the book of Allah, the more chances of having a miraculous speed that will pump you up to finish the portion in the decided time frame.

You can become consistent in your memorization:

In Quran hifz online, the majority of the students have to balance between their contemporary studies and the hifz so they have less time for their memorization. For an intensive hifz plan, you need to keep the other tasks aside and focus on this one first. When you start memorizing, revising, and reciting on a daily basis you will become consistent in your memorization and your built-in routine will make you disciplined and dedicated. Try to read such motivational articles which talk about the benefits of Quran memorization and encourage you to be consistent in your Quran memorization journey, and that can help you reach your Hifz goal really quickly!!

You have a clear goal in front of you:

Once you get a customized plan for the portion you intend to memorize online, you will have a clear goal in front of you that will make you punctual and regular. By having a mind map in front of you as to how long the journey is going to be, you will prioritize your wish list.

Let’s suppose, you didn’t revise the portion on a daily basis, you will have mistakes and obviously, no teacher will let you move on to the new lines until you get the previous one perfect.

So, an intensive hifz plan is important to give you a clear goal within which you have to meet the targets.

Your customized plan is according to your wish:

No one can force a plan for an intensive online hifz program on you. It is totally your decision how much you wish to learn, how many classes you want per week, how long the course should be, and how long the class time should be.

Once you get a professional and qualified Quran hifz teacher, discuss everything with him/her so that your study plan can be prepared accordingly. Just start away with the desired plan with the help of Allah.

Intensive plan helps you enroll in multiple courses:

If you are a new learner, you can start your intensive hifz course with one juz. Once you are done with it, and your targets are achieved, you can enroll yourself in another course. Thus, making you able to enroll in multiple courses. It also helps you achieve your goals in a milestone. Setting the bars near and reaching them at your own capacity.

It brings in time-management skills:

An intensive plan is also important as it makes you perfect in your time management skills. When you know it’s your class time, you will wrap up other chores and freshen up for the online Hifz class. Slowly and gradually you will see every step you take is well-managed and well-maintained. The key to success is definitely having small goals, achieving them, and moving to the other. In a broader perspective, you will complete the whole Quran memorization course by setting small targets.

The Quran hifz program can only be completed successfully when you have pure intentions to pursue your goals in a set span of time with a
serious outlook. These above-mentioned points will help you understand the importance of an intensive hifz plan. Buckle up your mind and heart and go for it now!


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