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8 Benefits of Prayer – Imam ibn Qayyim al-Jawzeyya

Prayer is simply talking to God, who spoke the universe into existence, gives us life and breath, and holds everything together. It is the most excellent way to experience God. Do you know why prayer is said to be so assertive? Well, just like in escape rooms because it energizes the heart and soul of a believer through the power of spirit. Prayer is part of a more extensive religious and spiritual practice for many people, but it requires no religion and can happen anytime and anywhere. The accomplishment of every purpose is wrapped up in praying. It may be in times of great need or distress or in times of joy and happiness. Prayer results in health and healing through several mechanisms. Prayer with good intentions and feelings generates positive energies and changes bad vibes into good ones. Research shows that prayers can have numerous benefits. Here are eight benefits of prayer- 

  1. Reduces anxiety 

According to the studies, prayers can help reduce depression and worries a person has. It stimulates a sense of connection and inner peace, reduces feelings of isolation, anxiety, and fear, and calms the stressed heart. It offers strength and clarity to the mind and evokes a relaxing response.  What heals you is your faith or belief.  

  1. Keeps You Focused 

Prayers do change things; your attitude will change for the better. It creates a sense of self so you can focus on yourself and make the right decision. Focus helps you feel in control, and you will better understand how to deal with problems. You will have a deeper understanding of who you are, what you do, why, and how you do it.  

  1. Get Closer to God 

Praying is the best way to get closer, communicate and experience God as a believer. Prayers let your emotions lead you to God. Through prayer, you can talk with and hear and feel his presence. He answers our prayers through other people’s thoughts, spiritual feelings, and actions.  

  1. Build Relationships  

Prayers strengthen the relationship between God and us. He listens to our feelings, needs, wishes, and problems in our prayers. It helps you to look beyond yourself, and it is one of the best things you can do for your confidence.  Such relationships with God help to feel supported throughout. 

  1. Makes Emotionally Strong and Healthy  

Strengths come from believing in prayers. We often ask for strength in our prayers whenever we feel weak and broken from the inside. If our prayers are honest, our emotions can lead to a greater alliance with God and emotional strength. It makes you less reactive to negative feelings and thoughts and less angry.  

  1. Increases Compassion 

Showing compassion kindness, and having forgiving nature toward others, relieving the sufferings of others, are the feelings of warmth a person experiences after praying. Prayers enlighten our minds with peace, mercy, truth, Compassion, love, and thankfulness. It enhances social awareness and develops a sense of Compassion, and reduces negative emotions. 

  1. Positive feeling 

Praying to God brings a range of positive feelings.  Always maintain an attitude of gratitude. Such little things can make a big difference. When we are thankful, we feel greater satisfaction in our lives, our philosophy is improved, and we are filled with joy. It gives the courage to face life’s problems.  

  1. Avoids Temptation 

Temptation becomes hard to resist when someone’s energy levels are low, but prayers give us a way out of attraction. It will help you to be transparent with God and others and how to avoid a tempting situation where people try to influence you to do evil. 

Prayer is the most powerful thing in the universe. It is not a grocery list of requests before God. Prayer should be uttered in a spirit of selflessness. If you pray, you’re going to have the favor of God in your life, you’re going to have doors that open, and you’re going to have all that you need. Prayer gives us the reserves required to undergo our struggles and frees us from embroiling emotions so we can obey God’s purpose in our lives.  

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