#Benefits Of Durood e Lakhi – Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits Of Durood e Lakhi – Islam Peace Of Heart
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 Durood  Lakhi

The Durood is attributed from famous Muslim King Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznawi. It is said that Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznawi always used to recite this Durood pak 1 lac times daily in the love of Prophet Mohammed PBUH.

You can imagine how long it takes to recite one lakh times Durood Pak It takes days and nights it was very little time to rule the kingdom in this way the administration in the empire would not be correct. One night in a dream of sultan Mahmood ghaznavi prophet PBUH came and the holy prophet PBUH teach this durood Pak to sultan Mahmood ghaznavi and said: Recite this durood Pak 1 time after fajar prayer One will get the reward of reciting Durood one lac times it means that if you recite this As many times you become rewarded with as many lac. Mahmud Ghaznavi spread this Durood Pak and he suggest other Muslim peoples to recite this durood Pak.

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Whoever recite this darood Allah will forgive him and remove his all sins. if some one wants that Allah forgive his ancestors and he will live in peace he should recite this darood pak 11 times for 40 days after this and pray about his ancestors forgiveness through this Durood pak inshallah Allah will forgive them and Allah will make his grave a paradise. Whoever recite this darood pak 1 time Allah will fulfil his all wishes. Reading it daily brings benefits. Recite this darood 11 times after tahajjud prayer his provision will increase.

Another advantage of this is  darood pak is that Love and blessings were created in the house where this Durood is recited. A home where there is abuse and quarrels , there will be peace and love in the family by reciting this Durood Pak.