#Benefits Of Durood Mustafa – Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits Of Durood Mustafa – Islam Peace Of Heart
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Durood Mustafa

The doer of this Durood will be endowed with good qualities. whoever recites this durood pak frequently. The Holy Prophet PBUH love will created in his heart.

Whoever recites this durood pak in day and night or after each prayer. He will rise from humiliation to greatness. He will reach a higher level from lower. If he goes to the ruler or officer, he will be honored.

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It often enlightens the reader. He begins to have true dreams. In the dream, he will see prophets and imams in his dreams. If this Durood is recited a 100 times to a severely ill person. Then he should seek pray from Allah for ill person for the sake of the Holy Prophet. God will accept.