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To protect from the torment of the grave So recite it a 100 times after the Friday prayers most of The scholars say that reciting this name keeps sugar under control.
If a person keeps hands on his chest and recite it 7 times after each prayer he will go to paradise without reckoning and blow on yourself  you will get rid of bad habits. There will be a passion for worship If one’s soul is inclined towards evil recite this name 11000 times for 11 days and blow on water and drink it Inshallah, his heart will turn towards goodness.
Whoever recite this name 3000 times and blow on water and feed the incurable patient then he will be healed in common disease Write with rose and saffron on a glass vessel, wash it with water and feed the patient or recite 21 times and blow on patient . whoever recite this frequently always will be healthy.
This name is very effective To conquer hearts of the people recite it 500 times loudly after fajr prayer YA-HAYYU YA-QAYOOM There is the solution for every trouble the recitation of this name will established your every work and the boundless virtues will blessed.
For purity of heart and light of faith on while eating food recite this name on each bit Then ecstasy will arise in the heart and he will have the place of knowledge If you are not married recite this 1414 times at bedtime inshallah, you will get married soon.
It is very useful to recite it to incite disbelief and the East, or to eliminate the oppressor. if you frequently reciter of this name your situation will change Noor Irfan will also be obtained If a person recite a lot in a state of humiliation, he will become honorable. If a person recite it frequently his power will continue till his death.
This name is for the obey children. Make an amulet and put it in your neck. If anyone feared to stay alone, recite this name your fear will be removed and Fear will go away from your heart. There will be strength and courage in your heart. Whoever seeks divine vision, he should recite this name 19000 times and recite it frequently inshallah He will see divine light in a dream.
Its recitation will create fear of Allah And Allah’s help will be obtained reciting it frequently will stop limits the desires of your soul and love of Allah will increases, whoever recite it 1100 times after fajr prayer He will be safe from the torment of the grave.
Reciting this name 111 times after fajr prayer he will safe from enemies, safe from hunger, free from creatures, will be listed in believers, Inshallah it will be very beneficial. whoever recite this name 25000 times in a day he will become sahib kashaf.
If someone is harassed by the enemy, then reciting this name while performing Wudhu his enemies will be humiliating and disgraceful. after performing 2 Rak’ah nafil tehtiyah recite this name 101 times and imagine about your enemies and blow on them it is very effective.Also this name is very effective for turning difficulties in easy , whoever recite this name 111 times Everything will become easier for him.
Whoever recite this name when you wake up all the good deeds of the day will be easy , There will be create a  passion for worship, The negligence will go away , And Allah will make source for everything.
If anyone have fear to be alone recite this name fear will be gone. he would be fearless And will be safe from every affliction, If he is on the battlefield, he will not be injured, The enemy will be defeated, It is very useful to read it in emergencies.
Whoever recite this name he will die in faith. He will have true repentance He will obey Allah and His Messenger (SAWW) He will come on the right path, the enemy will be gone, Goodness will prevail. 
This name is very effective during traveling. He will return with his family with complete success. A Recite this after Isha prayer a thousand times to bring back the runaway. recite 100 times after Fajr prayers fulfills the need. Creation will be kind. he will be interesting in praying. Divine love will prevail.
If a person has not done good deeds throughout his life, recite this name 100 times after each prayer then repentance will be accepted.