There is six kalima in Islam. It is obligatory for every Muslim to remember these 6 Six Kalima. Kalima has an appreciation of Allah. When we recite any of Kalima Allah SWT will remove our all major and minor sins. This six kalima are very rewarded and forgiving. Here is the name of Six Kalima.

  1. Kalima Tayyab
  2. Kalima Shahdat
  3. Kalima Tamjeed
  4. Kalima Tauheed
  5. Kalima Astaghfaar
  6. Kalima Kufr

All these Kalima are very beneficial for this life and after death. This Kalima is the dearer to Allah SWT. Here are some benefits of each Kalima who recite these Kalima and remember they will get lots of benefits.

Kalima Tayyab:

Kalima Tayyab is the first Kalima in Islam. It declares that Allah SWT is the only one and there is none worthy of worship than Allah SWT. Whoever recites Kalima Tayyab 100 times after each prayer, His faith will be strengthened. Whoever recites Kalima Tayyab 1 lac times and prays for his late father, mother, or relative, then Allah SWT will forgive his lac person by the Sake of Kalima Tayyab.

Kalima Shahadat:

Kalima Shahadat is the Second Kalima. Whoever recites Kalima Shahadat 100 times daily. Inshallah, Allah SWT will bless him with the wealth of Islam and he will die on the faith. This Kalima also recited for accepting Islam. Because it declares that Allah SWT is the only one and Prophet PBUH is the Apostle of Allah SWT.

Kalima Tamjeed:

Kalima Tamjeed is the most recited Kalima in Tasbeeh namaz. It is very beneficial to Kalima for any valid wish. Whoever recites this Kalima 100 times daily. Allah SWT will remove his all major and minor sins. His valid wish will be fulfilled, Allah SWT will open the door of Jannah on him, His wealth will increase, and His enemies will destroy. So, make a habit to recite the third Kalima.

Kalima Tauheed:

Kalima Tauheed is the Fourth Kalima. It is very beneficial for Shirk. If someone falls in shirk then he should recite Kalima Tauheed 100 times. Inshallah, His love for Allah SWT will increase and he will be safe from external attacks. Also, He will be punctual in prayer.

Kalima Astaghfaar:

Kalima Astaghfar is the fifth Kalima. This Kalima is very beneficial for forgiving all major and minor sins. Humans are sinners and they don’t know how, when, and where they are disobedient to Allah SWT. If a person recites this Kalima 100 times daily. Inshallah, all major and minor sins will be forgiven and he will go to paradise.

Kalima Radd-E-Kufr:

Kalima Radd e Kufr is the Sixth Kalima. It is very beneficial to be safe from Kufr. If a person recites Kalima Kufr daily then he will be safe from adultery, sins, disobedience, shirk, the devil, and all other external attacks. All sins will be forgiven.

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