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Ya-Wadud is one of the blessed names of Allah SWT. There are many virtues of reciting this name. This name is beautiful and glorious. Which means, very loving. Indeed, No one can love us more than Allah SWT. He loves us seventy times more than our mother’s.
Allah SWT can fulfill the desires of His servants. YA-Wadood is the most powerful wazifa for get back your love. This name is most effected. This wazifa is very useful for to create the love in the heart of your lover. If a person want that every one love him and give him the respect or value. So, he should recite the wazifa for getting back your love.
If a person was in relationship and suddenly his lover is upset with him and leave him so he should start reciting this wazifa. Inshallah, For the sake of this wazifa he will get back his love. If anyone want that every one give the respect to that person where he gone then he should recite this wazifa to create the love of people’s heart.
This wazifa is also very beneficial for increase honor, get the attention of people, get his love back or get the respect in his house. This wazifa is most powerful and effective. Whoever recite this name every time. Inshallah, He will honor in this world.
First Method of Reciting This Wazifa:
Make an ablution.
Perform Esha Prayer.
Recite 11 Times Durood Ibrahim Before And After.
Recite YA-Wadood Ya-Ziljalal 1000 times.
Imagine your lover if you can’t imagine and blow him. If you write the name of your partner in your and also write his/her his mother than blow it. If you can’t do this than blow on his image. Inshallah, By the grace of this beautiful name he will love you so much and he will come back.
Do this for 11 days.
Second Method Of Reciting This Wazifa:
Make a fresh ablution.
Perform Esha Prayer.
Recite Durood Ibrahim 11 times before and after.
Recite 1000 times Ya-Wadood.
Blow on your partner image. Inshallah, He will come back.
Do it for 40 days.
Third Method Of Reciting This Wazifa:
Recite this wazifa 111 times after each  prayer before and after durood pak and pray from Allah SWT that he will start love you and talk with you.  
Fourth Method Of Reciting This Wazifa:
Recite this wazifa every time while eating, cooking, sleeping, walking, sitting on every where. Inshallah, He will start loving you and your respect will also increase in the heart of creator.
Conditions Of Perform This Wazifa:
Must Perform five times daily prayer.
Make a fresh ablution.
Do not forget to recite Durood Pak.
Pay Sadaqa when you start recite this Wazifa.
Must clean your self.
Perform wazifa from the core of heart.
When you recite this wazifa must trust in Allah SWT and yourself.
Must Keep away any kind of doubt from your heart.
Because Allah SWT don’t accept doubtable heart Prayer.