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At-Tariq (The Piercing Star)


Surah Tariq is a chapter from the Holy Quran that holds brilliant significance and blessings for folks who recite it. This Surah is associated with numerous benefits and virtues, as narrated via Abi Ibn e Kaab and Khalid ibn Abu Habal Adwani. it is believed that reciting Surah Tariq can bring about significant rewards and protection from paranormal sports. In this article, we will explore the narrations and advantages related to Surah Tariq, highlighting its importance in searching for blessings and resolving worldly problems.

Benefits Of Surah Tariq (The Star)
Benefits Of Surah Tariq (The Star)

Blessings Of Surah Tariq:

Ten accurate Deeds for each famous person: in step with the narration via Abi Ibn e Kaab, the Holy Prophet PBUH stated that whoever recites Surah Tariq could be rewarded with ten top deeds for every big name proven inside the sky. This brilliant praise emphasizes the vast price and blessings of reciting this Surah.

Safety From Paranormal Activities:

Surah Tariq is considered a powerful manner of safety in opposition to paranormal activities. it’s far believed that if someone has been suffering from ghosts or any form of supernatural activity, reciting this Surah 111 instances for eleven consecutive days, blowing on water, and drinking it or giving it to the affected person can provide protection and remedy utilizing the grace of Allah SWT.

Resolution Of Worldly Problems:

Surah Tariq is also associated with resolving numerous worldly issues. in case you are going through demanding situations for your paintings or encountering problems, it’s miles recommended to recite this Surah 86 times on Fridays. amassing a collection of humans for Friday prayers and continually reciting it for seven Fridays can, using the desire of Allah SWT, result in the answer to your troubles.

Abi Ibn e Kaab has narrated that, The Holy Prophet PBUH said: Whoever recites Surah Tariq. Allah SWT gives him 10 good deeds. According to each star shown in the sky.

Khalid ibn Abu Habal Adwani said: Once upon a time the Holy Prophet PBUH visited a place. The Holy Prophet PBUH touched the wooden bow and started reciting this Surah. There was a narrator nearby him which means Khalid ibn Abu Habal Adwani was there. When the narrator came back to his tribe people asked him. What were you listening to there? He replied. I listened to Surah Tariq.

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Tariq is a showing of the light from Allah SWT. The most important virtue of this Surah is. This Surah is very effective in removing the presence of paranormal activities. Unless anyone has been affected by any ghost or this type of activity. He should recite this Surah 111 times for 11 days, blow on water and drink it or give that water to an affected person. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT. He will be safe from any ghosts or paranormal activity.

If you have any problem with your work. So, recite this Surah 86 times on Friday. Collect some people on every Friday prayer and do it for 7 Fridays. Inshallah, Your problem will be solved.


Surah Tariq holds large importance and benefits for those who recite it with sincerity and devotion. The narration by Abi Ibn e Kaab and Khalid ibn Abu Habal Adwani highlights the rewards and virtues associated with this Surah. From the plentiful exact deeds promised for every megastar to the protection from paranormal activities and resolution of worldly issues, Surah Tariq gives a variety of advantages to the believers. through attraction within the normal recitation of this Surah, you can search for Allah’s blessings, protection, and steering of your lives.


Q. Who narrated the advantages of Surah Tariq?
A. Abi Ibn e Kaab and Khalid ibn Abu Habal Adwani narrated the advantages and virtues associated with Surah Tariq.

Q. What’s the reward referred to inside the narration of Abi Ibn e Kaab?
A. according to the narration, for each star proven within the sky, the only one who recites Surah Tariq will acquire ten true deeds.

Q. How can Surah Tariq protect from paranormal sports?
A. To search for protection from paranormal activities, it’s recommended to recite Surah Tariq 111 instances for eleven consecutive days, blow on water, and drink it or deliver it to the affected character. by way of the grace of Allah SWT, this exercise is believed to protect such activities.

Q. Can Surah Tariq help in resolving worldly issues?
A. Yes, reciting Surah Tariq 86 instances on Fridays, together with amassing a set of humans for fri. prayers, and doing it consistently for seven Fridays, is assumed to bring about the resolution of worldly troubles.

Q. What is the significance of Surah Tariq?
A. Surah Tariq is considered a manifestation of divine mild from Allah SWT. Its recitation gives numerous blessings, including rewards, safety from paranormal activities, and the resolution of worldly problems. It holds great importance for believers seeking Allah’s guidance and blessings in their lives.

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